Without a doubt, the release of Amazon Kindle in 2007 has changed the publishing industry forever. The device has taken the world by storm and changed the way we think of obtaining and reading books, magazines and even blogs and other online publications.

Kindle is also one of the most popular gifts that we give to each other. The device is practically sold out in the months coming to Christmas, with a lot of people enjoying reading on the device afterwards.

However, in spite of the hype on the device, there is one other thing Kindle has become known for, how easy it is to damage or mark it. Many users report how easy it is to get stains on the reader, mark it with grease from their hands and so on. It is also extremely easy to scratch the device, or have dirt getting into it.

Most of those problems are not a serious threat to the functionality of the device; however, the way it looks may be seriously damaged. Luckily there are ways to protect it from most of those problem and Kindle covers seem to be the best option.

With kindle covers you can store your device in a protective sleeve, which will protect your reading device from dirt, grease, scratches and in some cases, even water. There are 3 main types of kindle covers, each with its own functionality and level of security it provides.

Silicone Covers

    These are the simplest covers available on the market. They cover the entire device except for the screen and thus provide a very good protection to the device’s body. Some models also come with shock absorbers, securing the device in case of a fall. The downside of these covers is that they are not the best looking ones on the market.

    Leather covers

      Leather kindle covers are by far the most popular ones amongst Kindle users. These covers look exceptionally great, often come with some great additional features (such as a reading light or a daily planner / notebook) but also, they provide a very good protection for the device. Unfortunately, they are also the most expensive ones on the market today.

      Vinyl Covers

        The last type is vinyl covers. They are the lightest type of the three. You attach them to the device, like a sticky tape, so they do not change the way your Kindle looks much. Unfortunately, they don’t provide an equal amount of protection as the other two types so consider them only if you are using Kindle occasionally.

        Kindle is an enormously popular and useful device, this really goes without saying. And, if you own it already, you know how fragile it is. Therefore,  by properly protecting it you can ensure that not only it will last longer but will also look as great as on the day when you got it.