Protecting a website from online attacks is a new challenge that has emanated with the unprecedented increase the number of websites that are hosted on the internet today. There are different types of cyber attacks with diverse reasons, most times the reason for these attacks may not even be known. Generally, people who perpetrate these acts are most times looking for fraudulent methods of getting vital private information from the users or owners of such websites without their knowledge. Hence, the following measures can be taken to at least reduce the tendency of such attacks to the barest minimum if not completely.   

Prevent Online Virus Attacks

This is a very important method of preventing a website from a cyber attack. Most times viruses are created and released to attack vulnerable sites especially those that do not have good anti-virus software installed on the host computer.  It is important to check and verify that the computer systems used by your hosting service provider are well protected with a latest and updated version of a good anti-virus program. This helps to prevent malicious software like Trojans and other phishing programs from having access to your website files. It also prevents the proliferation of such viruses particularly when your website is intended to be used as a vector for spreading such programs.

Password Protect Your Website

Another very viable method of protecting your website from an online attack is by using strong passwords and securely saving passwords to your websites. The content management system of most websites usually grants the user or webmaster access to the website content with the use of passwords. If these passwords are chosen and saved carelessly, it could be discovered by an unauthorized person who may have access to your web content and may possibly temper with it.  It is always advised that passwords should be chosen carefully with alphanumeric combinations and sometimes even other characters can be used in creating a password that is difficult to discover. There is also a password management software ( to help you manage your software if you are wondering how to deal with many of them.

Protect Your Website Content

Web content can also be a target of some online website attacks. One of the most common type of assault on web content is plagiarism. This is a situation where web content on a website is copied to b used elsewhere without the permission of the website owner who is most likely to posses the copyrights of such content or material. This is a prosecutable offence under the laws of United States and many countries around the world. But in order to prevent people or discourage them from doing this, websites should be designed in such a manner that it will be difficult to highlight and copy the web content. Duplicate content checkers can also be used to find out who is copying your stuff online.