Protecting the earth and environment is clearly a multi-faceted endeavor. Unfortunately, not very many people seem to take it seriously especially nowadays. It is really quite easy to become completely saturated by our daily routines that we may forget, or simply neglect, simply things that we can all do to protect our environment every day. For every facet of our environment, there are many things we can do to address it and protect it and avoid leaving a rather massive ecological footprint on the earth.

Things You Will Need

Resolve to make a difference
Tree Seeds
Water Efficient Showerheads

Step 1

Water is an amazing resource that our bodies could not function without. Even still, for both the environment as well as our own water bills, it is important to resolve to use this tremendous resource sparingly. Oftentimes, we have become a bit of an overindulgent society by using and expending significant amounts of just about everything from water to food and energy. Water efficient shower heads, faucets, sprinklers and dishwashers are currently being manufactured and can definitely be used to help regulate our consumption of water. Sprinklers can be adjust accordingly so that significant amounts of water isn't expended on the sidewalk, but, rather is directed towards watering the grass only where it can be reabsorbed into the earth.

Step 2

Just like water is essential to our survival, so also are the components of the air we breath. Fresh air is critical for our survival; however, our evolution as a society has introduced many harmful pollutants into our environment. For as much as we rely on automobiles, they have played a significant role in tarnishing our air. Many products of pollution are a result of manufacturing. Outside of hardcore lobbying, it may be difficult to get major companies to alter the very processes that the production of their products require. Even still, there are still many things you can do to help keep our air clean that is directly related to your everyday activities.

Your choice of products can make a huge difference in this area. Not only can you choose latex-type paints over oil-type based paints, but you can also resolve to plant a tree. Learning to become a good steward of time, money, and the environment, can actually be great fundamental lessons to instill in children while they are younger. Many children will embrace the opportunity to plant a tree, and will also appreciate the synthesis of scientific principles accompanying these activities. Not only does doing this help the environment, but, it can be a great opportunity for entire classes to do something great for the environment while also learning something at the same time.

Step 3

Many communities have already noticed the great value of recycling. They have containers to separate plastics, glass and plastics. Unfortunately, while there are some who do recycle, there are many people who choose not to for one reason or another. Recycling is really a great idea, and can certainly help to protect the environment when a lot of people do it, over the long term.

Our environment is what we make of it. It is all around us, and, all it takes is for people to begin understanding the importance of being good stewards of their environment. By instilling these behaviors in children while they are younger, there is more of a chance that they will grow up to embody these behaviors and principles. By simply being thoughtful about our environment, you can have a tremendous impact, whether you realize it or not.

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