Providing performance review comments to a subordinate can be a very stressful part of a performance review process. Informing a subordinate that they are not meeting the company's expectations is not only uncomfortable but also awkward.

Things You Will Need

Thiperformance reviewck Skin, Tact and Perseverance

Step 1

The first step to providing constructive performance review comments to a subordinate is to show the employee that the performance and appraisal review is a constant process.

Step 2

Secondly, manoeuvre some damage control for the existing reviews. The best way to go about doing this is to "cushion the blow". Highlight the employee's fine points. Use encouraging attributes such as the following:

  • Ingenious

  • Works well under pressure

  • Maintains a positive attitude when under stress

  • Reliable

  • Multi-tasker

  • Is highly passionate

  • Pays notice to details

  • Demonstrates a high level of self-assurance

  • Team player

Step 3

The third step to providing constructive performance review comments to a subordinate is simply to be honest and admit to the subordinate that enough has not been done. Use the following statements to demonstrate that there are mistakes to learn from.

  • Needs to show more of a team player attitude

  • Needs to get better on follow through

  • Shows an irregularity in research

  • Manages time badly and misses deadlines

  • Doesn't pay attention to directions

  • Cannot make decisions alone

  • Shows a lack of vigour and/or attention in the work

Step 4

The fourth and final step to providing constructive performance review comments to a subordinate is explaining to him or her that there is room for improvement. Demonstrate to the employee that he or she has untapped potential, using the following statements:

  • Has great potential for a leadership role in the future

  • Has a aptitude for rising to the occasion

  • Shows promise in sales or client presentations

  • Is considered to be pin-up talent in this department

  • Is positive in front of clients

  • Talent in writing could be better put to use in the editorial team

  • Has a background in network security that is being underutilized

Explain to the subordinate that this review is a starting point for a discussion on his or her professional development.

Tips & Warnings

Many people often stress and fuss over the wordings of a performance review and how the subordinate will react to the disapproval. Yet, performance review comments to a subordinate do not have to be stressful, particularly if they are constructive performance review comments.