Pulling an Allnighter, Use With Moderation.

So, you want to pull an allnighter, eh? But before I discuss pulling an allnighter and such, I’m saying it’s a good idea, nor am I recommending it. I’m not going to lie, I did it before for something completely pointless. It can have some minor side effects if continually used. Like stumping your growth, and if you’re a grown adult already, it can make you look older. Okay, I think that’s about it, time to move on to telling you ways to stay up all night.


Tip #1: Energy Drinks

            You can drink energy drinks. Me personally only tried “5 hour energy”. It doesn't work great when I'm really tired, but it does help lift that deep and heavy type of tiredness. I think it says don't take more than 2 a day on the bottle or something close to that amount. Would I recommend taking more than that? Yes. Wait I mean no, I wouldn’t

            I haven't tried this, so I can really say this would work or not, but my friends tried it and says it works. Redbull, drink one and as soon as you start to feel sleepy again, drink another. You would have to stock up on Redbull. Again, this better be for something important otherwise, find a better way to manage your time.

Tip #2: Actually Feel Like You Have/Want to

            You don’t know how many times I tried allnighting for something stupid, and ended up going to bed at 3 or 4A.M. This might just something that only really happens with me, but sometimes I don’t need energy drinks. I just really want to achieve something that night; it could be trying to finish a project for school, something for a group hobby (films, short animations, etc.) Well, maybe you want to just shoot out well written articles on info barrel.


Tip #3: Coffee

            Probably the most well-known tip here. Coffee, practically every business man owns a coffee maker. Boost of caffeine right there! One thing though, I defiantly won’t recommend drinking coffee to accomplish allnighters. Yeah, it’s good here and there, but I won’t recommend drinking it in large quantities.


Tip #4 : Do NOT Rest

            Resting is bad. Yes, I know, you’re tired, you just want to lay down in your bed for just one minute. You can almost hear it calling too you. Don’t take the bait! As soon as you lay down in that bed, it’s going to pull you in dreamland. This include sitting in comfy chairs/couches. You think you feel tired now, wait until you get up. Hey, I said wait until you get up.. *sigh*


Tip # 5: Stay Occupied

Always, and I mean always, stay busy. If you’re kept busy and always doing something, then you don’t have time to realize you’re tired. Well, it’s like that for me anyway. This is probably one of the more important tips. Seriously, stay busy and you’ll be less tired. That includes doing work and such, never just sit around and do nothing.


End Notes

Well that’s it for the tips. Hopefully you enjoyed this article and learned something useful. Remember only stay up all night if you have too. Don’t do it just because you want to hang out with your friends, go out parting, whatever. Well I think you get the point. Well bye now.