Performance & Preference.

There are many aspects of purchasing a skateboard including, size, style, price and performance, but the biggest factor is preference. Below I will help you decide on purchasing a board in every way possible to make your experience the best as posssible.

1. Deck

The deck may be the hardest decision for some people, but just a blink of an eye for others. The main parts of a deck or the brand, size, shape, and design on the bottom. Most normal skateboard have the same shape although some may have a pointed tail. Size is the most important of the four, here is an age to size comparison to help you out, but remember some people may prefer a different size other than what I suggest. Ages 10 and under 7.5in. deck, 11-13 a 7.75in. deck, 14-16 fit a 8in. deck, and ages 17 and older should purchase a 8.25in. deck or larger. The brand and design are two parts completely based on design and I can only share my liking witch would include, Element, Plan B, Girl, and Enjoi. Although no board is significantly better than the other.

2. Trucks

Turning your board is very important in skateboarding, and a higher quality truck will help you ride more comfortably. In my opinion the top truck brands are, Independent, Thunder, Silver, and Venture Trucks. The sizing for trucks is mainly based on the board size instead of preference this time. Here is a truck size chart by cm, 145cm with 7.5-7.75in., 147cm with 8in., and 149 with 8.25in. and up. All trucks fit on every deck, but some may get wheel bite easier or affect turning if chosen incorrectly.

3. Wheels

There's nothing too complicated about wheels, although they play a big role. The best skateboard wheel brands are Spitfire and Bones. Most people prefer white wheels, but the color makes no difference in performance. The wheels are measured in millimeters, and there's really no chart to give knowing there is a set wheel size for most skateboarders. The normal skater that does tricks and goes to the skateboard will need a 52mm or 53mm wheel. A skater looking to cruise more would need a wider wheel like a 55mm or higher. Again, this is purely based on preference.

4. Bearings

Bearings are a big part of the package because they make the ride smooth, and give ability to ride longer, faster. I prefer Bones bearings over any other bearing, which most any other skateboarder would prefer. There are many types of Bones bearing including reds, super reds, swiss, etc. If you are looking for a normal set or bearings stick with reds or super reds, other wise you'll be spending a load of cash unnecessarily when first purchasing a board. As you can see bearings are simple and don't have much to them.

5. Grip Tape

Grip tape may be the simplest piece of a board, knowing it's just a piece of grip you stick onto the deck. Although there are some bad grip tape brands you want to stay away from, the best are Mob and Grizzly. The size of the grip tape doesn't matter considering that you cut it out yourself.

6. Hardware

Nuts & Bolts, how could some be better than the other? Well, really they're not. Whatever hardware you decide to get will perform just as great as the next. Even knowing this Diamond hardware seems to be the highest rated, although brands like Shorty's and Sector 9 and all others are amazing.

I hope this article helped you decide on the best board for you, and have fun shreding!