Save money with appliance replacement parts.

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You do not have to be an appliance repair technician to purchase appliance replacement parts. In fact, replacing damaged parts is a good way to extend the life of your appliances. While replacing some parts like the compressor on your refrigerator  might be out of your lead, other parts such as broken bins, racks or damaged seals do not require any special knowledge to replace. Best of all, you can enjoy a like-new unit for years to come simply by taking advantage of appliance replacement parts.

Things you will need to purchase appliance replacement parts:

  • Manufacturer
  • The unit’s model and serial numbers

1. Choose an appliance replacement parts store. You can buy new or used parts. You can purchase the parts from a local appliance parts store, or you can purchase them online. If you choose to purchase the parts online, you can go to the manufacturer’s website, such as Sears or General Electric, or you can look for discount replacement parts websites. 

Depending on what you need, you can purchase a broken unit and use the parts to fix yours. This option works well for expensive items like a stainless steel refrigerator door. You can often find broken appliances for sale on craigslist for under $100. 

2. Locate your unit’s model and serial numbers. 

  • Refrigerators - Look for a white sticker inside the freezer or refrigerator compartment. If you cannot find it, remove the bottom grill. You will generally find a sticker with the model and serial numbers. 
  • Stoves/ranges - Open the bottom drawer, or broiler compartment. Look for a silver or white sticker on the front-side of one of the side panels. 
  • Washers - Lift the lid. You will generally find a sticker either on the lid or right below the lid on the washer’s rim. 
  • Dryers - Open the door and look for a label on the casing. The label often contains the manufacturing date as well. If you cannot find it, look for this information in the back.  

3. Order your appliance replacement parts. The associate helping you will ask you for the model number and the manufacturer. If for some reason the part does not come up in the database, you might need to provide the serial number as well. It’s a good idea to have both numbers ready when you order or purchase the parts.

If you purchase locally from places like Servall, you might be able to pick up the part right away if it is in stock. Otherwise, you might have to wait from 5 to 7 business days for the parts to arrive. 
Purchasing appliance replacement parts is not as complicated as it might first appear. Simply determine where you would like to purchase the parts, gather your information and go online, pick up the phone or drive to the store’s location. 

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