A popular look for some is black hair with blonde streaks.  However, when doing this to your hair it is not the time to be cheap.  It will take harsh chemicals and substances to make your hair black and then bleach it with blonde streaks, so if you can't afford to go to a salon or really want to do it yourself, make sure to use high quality products.  That means going to a beauty supply store, not making purchases at your local drugstore.

If your hair is not already black, the first step is to dye it completely black. This should be done with a rinse and not a permanent color. A rinse is more of a coating, where as permanent color penetrates the shaft of your hair. A rinse is, therefore, easier to remove when applying the highlights.

Immediately after the rinse has been processed, comb your hair straight back and put on a highlight cap. A highlight cap resembles a swimmer’s cap, but has holes in it. A highlight cap can be purchased at a beauty supply store. Using a rat-tail comb, pull small sections of your hair completely through the holes.

With the highlight cap on, wash the hair you pulled through the holes. Soak it in clarifying shampoo, rinse and repeat. This should remove the majority of the rinse on the exposed hair. Your hair is now ready for the next step, for it to be “lifted”.

Lifting is a procedure that removes natural or artificial hair color from the shaft. It prepares the hair for an application of new color. The lift comes in liquid and cream form. Only apply the lift to the hair that has been pulled through the highlight cap and is exposed.  Let the lift penetrate your hair and then rinse it out completely. Your hair is now ready for the blonde dye.

Apply your desired shade of blonde color onto your exposed hair. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly.  Process your hair and then rinse the dye out. Remove the highlight cap and apply conditioner to ALL of your hair. Rinse and style as usual.