Do you have dry skin?  If so, you probably know how difficult it can be to wear makeup.  It can end up accentuating flakes, and sit into fine lines making them look more defined.  The effect makes you look older, which is just the opposite of what makeup should be doing for you.   Would you like to improve the way makeup lays on your skin? For the best makeup tips for dry skin, read on!
Things you'll need:
•    Moisturizing lotion
•    The best makeup is liquid foundation

Wash your face first.

The best makeup tips anyone can follow are to start with a clean face and to do so consistently! Even dry skin needs cleansing.  Wash first thing in the morning, before you apply your makeup.

Use a moisturizing lotion designed for the face.

The added benefit of washing your face is that you've added moisture. Many people with dry skin make the mistake of applying moisturizing lotion to dry skin, which doesn't seal in anything if moisture isn't there to begin with! The best makeup tips involve preparation. If you have dry skin, wet first and then seal it in with moisturizing lotion.

Use liquid foundation.

Powder will draw moisture out of your skin, whereas the best makeup for dry skin is liquid foundation since it can help seal moisturizing lotion in. Look for the best makeup for your skin type, indicated by: "dry skin formula." The best makeup has a moisturizing lotion built in to help heal your dry skin all day!

Smooth makeup on with your fingers.

Since you have moisturizing lotion on your face you won't want to use a sponge. The important thing is that you have the best makeup for your skin type. Your fingers have oils in them which is fine for dry skin, provided your hands are also clean.
Head out with a smile!

For more tips on having bright, fresh skin, always check the label on your skin care products.  Good luck!