The internet is full of crazy stuff these days but one of the oddest trends I've seen lately is people building fancy custom designed coffee tables for their house. These people build coffee tables out of the most random stuff and they build coffee tables designed after some of the craziest things. I've seen Nintendo Game Controller coffee tables, LED light display coffee tables, foosball coffee tables, evil scary Alien coffee tables, and even a pinball machine coffee table!

This makes me curious to see if I could build my own unique glass coffee table and it hopefully makes you a little bit curious as well. Here's a little walk through on how you can conceptualize and put together a one of a kind glass coffee table with little effort.

Things You Will Need

You're going to need a few things before embarking on this pet project. You should of course have a need for a coffee table in your home. Is there a lot of empty space between the television screen and your couch? Do you have a reading room or a game room that is just begging for some embellished storage capacity? If you know you need a coffee table, then you are on the right track.

Next you'll need to have an idea for your coffee table. I usually like to make my coffee tables embody the theme of the room. If it's a game room it should be based on or around one of my favorite games or gaming systems. If it's a sports room maybe a coffee table with hockey sticks for legs and a puck shaped glass top? It's easy to come up with ideas once you have the room's decor theme nailed down.

Finally, after you know what you'll be building, you're going to need the materials to build it. Glass coffee tables are pretty simple to build but the specific materials you need and the measurements you should be taking are going to differ based on the design of your table. All glass coffee tables have a glass pane, some rubber stoppers, and a solid and balanced foundation. The glass and the stoppers are easy to come by at your local hardware store but the foundation is the tricky part. It could be made out of anything.
What you should do is get organized. Draw out some simple blue prints for your coffee table design. If you're going to build a hockey themed coffee table figure out what materials you'll need and what shape the glass top is going to take. You should also decide on whether or not your coffee table is going to have any storage capacity. Installing a storage bin in a coffee table makes things a little bit more complicated but it is definitely doable.

Just have fun with it and don't hurt yourself. The simplest glass coffee tables won't even require any tools. You can put them together without using a hammer or a single nail because all you'll be doing is resting the glass pane on top of the rubber stoppers sitting comfortably on the foundation.

Tips & Warnings

If you're struggling for ideas on your coffee table design just go to Google and search for some crazy coffee tables. There are tons of websites out there that love to show off some really kick ass coffee table designs, all you have to do is look for them.