twitter birdDo you have a twitter login? Have you ever wanted to create a twitter account? Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to send and received short messages. These so called tweets are only 140 characters long and can be received on a number of devices particularly any cell phone that supports SMS messaging. So you can send the messages from most modern cell phones notifying the world of almost anything you want to tell the world. Here are the steps to make a twitter account.

Things You Will Need

A computer

Step 1

Go to the twitter site and select sign up for a new account.Twitter Account

Step 2

Decide on the persona and login name you want to use. This is usually a two or three word phrase that represents the account. Many people just use their first and last name. Other people choose a login name that represents their interests or what they will be twitting about. So if you will talking about your cats, choose a name like familycats. If you represent a company they use the company name, for example Starbucks is just @Starbucks. You can check to see if the name is already available by typing in the name and waiting a few moments. Many names are already taken. If you do not get the name you want, try a variation or different spelling of the name. It is not generally a good idea to add an additional number to the end of the name as many people do with email accounts. Remember, this account represents you- who wants to be the second of an original?

Step 3

Now go back to the first field and put in your full name. This is the name that others will see when they investigate your profile. Many people put their given name. If you want to use a pseudonym, just create a variation on the login name.

Step 4

Create a password. Twitter passwords have to be at least six characters long and it will also give you feedback on your password. Obvious passwords like "123456" are prohibited.

Step 5

Input your email address. This email address is critical as it is used to recover lost passwords and activate the account. You cannot use an email address that has already been used to register another twitter account.

Step 6

Decide if you want to let others know your email address or get periodic updates from twitter. If you do not want either, uncheck the boxes.

Step 7

Click on create my account.

Step 8

Log on to your mail account and you have an email asking if you have created your twitter account. You need to click on the link provided to fully activate the new twitter account.

Tips & Warnings

"Twitter, Tips, Tricks and Tweets" is a good book on how to maximize your twitter experience.

Consider what you tweet as it can create privacy problems and enable online stalking.