Residual online income is something we all dream about, but those of us who put in the time will find that making money is completely possible. Residual income is also known as passive income where you make an effort placing items and information out for the public to consume and in return get paid.

For those of us who have been hit by the lengthy time of unfair affiliate links and endless promotion, there is a fair amount of questioning. However if you work on writing in regards to residual income online you will notice how quickly you will make money.

Things You Will Need




Step 1

Start by taking a notebook and consider all the subjects and information you have to offer other people. It could be as complex as rewiring a light switch or as simple as golfing against the wind. Each possible story is residual income so write down as many subjects as you can possibly think of and could easily contribute on.

Step 2

To start your residual income, you need to have accounts at certain websites that host content. This content is what makes you residual income by one of two ways - either by the number of people who read your articles or the number of people who click your ads. Which each account you want to have the same name so that readers recognize your writing. This will also allow you to be taken serious so when you write another piece your readers will keep coming back again and again.

Step 3

The first place you should consider start making residual income is the Examiner. This is a fairly new web based local, news site that allows writers to write copy about their local community. From Alaska to Florida there are over 10,000 writers who make time to post articles for readers. For this site you need to pick a topic and stick to one stick to one subject. Examiner is fairly new on the residual income stage, but writers are doing well if they post regularly.

Step 4

Ehow is another residual writing site to sign up at. Here you have simple forms to fill in as you write your articles. There is plenty of room to post your residual articles and you can write about virtually anything your heart desires. As you increase your library of articles, so does your income and at some point it will take on a life to see money coming in without you even looking.

Step 5

Info Barrel is a great place to make money with residual income if you're writing online. As you write on Info Barrel you will notice how your articles allow you to write directly to your readers and share useful information. The more you write on Info Barrel the more residual income you will make.

Step 6

Another residual income opportunity is Bukisa. This website is similar to Info Barrel and eHow in the facts that you can write as much as your heart desires. The articles you write are put into the system live and your readers can start reading your words immediately. Residual income is a great source of cash when things get tight. As a professional writer, I can honestly say writing on the above writing sites gave me enough money to sneak through in months past when I lost my job and couldn't find another for a month or two. Don't think residual income is only used for buying fancy sports cars or crazy vacations, it can be the saving grace when the unexpected comes knocking at your door and you need a financial safety net.

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