Do you want to learn how to get rid of acne fast?  There are many acne solution products on the market, and not everything works for everyone, because everyone's skin is different.  If you dry your skin out TOO much, your pores will start working overtime to compensate, which will further the cycle of breakouts.  However there are steps you can take for using commercial acne solution products along with an acne home remedy that will help you learn what works best for you personally.  Here's how to get rid of acne fast, and for the long-term.

Drink water to flush out toxins. 

Water has lots of health benefits, and one of them is clearer skin.  This is the cheapest and possibly the healthiest acne home remedy.  Start with 4 cups of water per day, and work your way up to 8.  I like to keep a full pitcher beside my glass to remind me to keep drinking!  This helps with how to get rid of acne fast and keep breakouts from reoccurring.


This acne home remedy may seem counterintuitive, because the sweat makes your face look oily!  But if you think about it, when you’ve sweated OUT the oil, it’s easy to wash it right off your face.  If you don’t sweat, that oil stays inside the pores under your skin, so it’s harder to get at.

Stay away from trigger foods. 

This is a tricky one, because what’s a trigger for me may not be a trigger for you!  Think of it this way.  Some people have life threatening food allergies, others have a mild version of this called a food sensitivity that just makes their mouth itchy, or their stomach upset.  Then there are those of us who develop acne from specific foods.  So keeping this in mind, experiment by eliminating foods to discover your best acne home remedy.  Give up caffeine for 2 weeks.  If that doesn’t work, try eliminating sugars, wheat products, dairy, or citrus or 2 weeks.  It’s amazing to discover that a common food was your key to how to get rid of acne fast.  Just consult a doctor beforehand to go substitutions you’ll need for good nutrition before you make dietary changes. 

Wash your face

Wash once in the morning and once before bed to remove makeup and help keep your pillowcase cleaner.  Use an acne solution that contains benzoil peroxide.  This ingredient helps get rid of acne fast by absorbing oils.

Use a leave-on spot treatment before bed. 

This is the key to how to get rid of acne fast, although it’s most effective for the long term when combined with the steps above.  These usually come in a smaller tube than actual cleansers that are applied to the whole face and rinsed off.  I’ve had good luck with acne solution products that have a higher concentration of benzoil peroxide than the cleanser.  Apply the repairing lotion as directed to each pimple, but NOT to your entire face.  Take it from a girl who once woke up one day and went to school with a red, swollen face.  To avoid problems like this, test a small amount on your arm to make sure you don’t have an allergy to it. 

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