You can quickly lose weight and tone your muscles in a pool. It is far easier on your joints and easier for extremely heavy or sedentary individuals to begin an exercise routine. Exercise in a pool doesn't have to be limited to just water aerobics and swimming.

Get in the pool to clean it. If it has a deep end this won't be very practical, but you can still walk back and forth while skimming debris from the water surface in the shallower end. Walking around while cleaning it not only provides exercise, but the water is providing gentle resistance. This helps burn more calories and helps to tone muscle. The act of skimming will also provide your arms with an easy "workout". You will lose weight quickly and safely, maybe even surprising yourself at how many pounds you shed performing what is usually just a chore.

Simply walk in circles around the edge of the inside of the pool if swimming is too strenuous for you. This will engage you in low impact exercise and help burn calories, tone muscles and build endurance without stressing your body.

Use a small flotation device to make your way around the pool. Spend a few minutes gently paddling with your feet and then switch to using just your arms to move around on the water. Alternate between using your legs and your arms. You will gradually increase endurance, tone muscles and lose weight. You can increase the intensity and speed as your physical abilities improve.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and increase your water intake so you stay well hydrated for your time outdoors in the sun. Make sure to wear sunscreen while you are outdoors exercising.