Article writing is a lot of fun when you know what you want to write about and you know your subject. It gives most article writers a lot of pleasure to teach what they know or tell a story to a reader.

An article can change a person's life more than we are able to imagine. Think about an article that made a profound difference on how you work, play or see the world. Write an article that will change someone's world.

Don' start until you have finished

Before you start to write an article you need ideas and inspiration. Inspiration and ideas will bring you to the water, but it won't make your horse drink. To make your horse drink, you need to think through the whole article.

Think about what you want to say, the general theme and what advantages you want your reader to get from reading the article.

A good place to start is a title, generally you will already be thinking of a title when you start thinking about an article in any case. Your title should reflect what your article is about. Don't mislead your readers with an inviting title and then lose them with content that has nothing to do with the title. There is no quicker why to lose a reader.

Use headings

I take about 2 minutes to brain storm an article. Writing down the title and then headings that carry the theme of my article, I leave enough space between the headings on my paper.

The space between the headings I use to jot down ideas I brainstorm in 2 minutes. It's important to restrict your time and concentrate. The best ideas come forward when we push ourselves into a bit of a corner.

The headings will be easy to read in my article once posted, since it will be a little bigger that the rest of my text. I use headings as a way to break up the content and make it easier to read and it's a great way to show the reader what to expect from the rest of an article.

People scan an article before reading it, to see if there is something that is interesting. Headers do a good job of giving them information.

When you have jotted down a skeleton of your article, it's much easier to write quickly and stay inspired about what you want to say.

Restrict your time

When writing an article, the best way to write it, is to write quickly. Write and don't look at all the spelling mistakes or sentences that don't make sense. You will fix all the mistakes when you edit your article.

Set a specific amount of time you want to complete the article in. 15 minutes to 20 minutes will be fine. Sit in a place where you won't be disturbed for 15 minutes and quickly write the article. When you are done you can breathe again, and put it away for editing.

Write something else or do something else before you edit your article. It gives you distance and that distance makes the editing process a lot simpler because you feel semi detached to the article.

I hope that you have gained some tips. What are some of your tips that make it easier for you to write quicker?