You know that smoking is bad for you. You've tried to quit, but you just can't resist the temptation for one more cigarette. Use this method and you'll be able to quit smoking... and quit smoking forever!

Things You Will Need

Motivation to stop smoking and improve your health.

Step 1

Read and truly understand the warnings on the cigarette packs. These are facts. Do you want a slow and painful death? Do you want to decrease your fertility? Read all the literature you can about lung cancer and look for photos of cancerous lungs on the internet. This should motivate you to want to quit, but the desire may remain.

Here's how to eliminate the desire. Understand that most people who want to quit, say to themselves " I want to savor this last cigarette and then I'll quit." This is wrong! Savoring the last cigarette will implant a satisfying memory in your brain about smoking. What you want to do is create a in your brain a disgusting recollection about cigarettes. Here's how you do it. On the last day of smoking, chain smoke from the time you get up until the moment you go to bed. As you do this, you will think, please, I don't want another cigarette. But force yourself to smoke every waking minute of the day and evening.

When you go to bed, don't brush your teeth. The next morning, your mouth will taste awful, and the thought of lighting up a cigarette will be disgusting. If you're in the habit of having a cigarette with a cup of coffee, stop drinking coffee for several months so the association of coffee and a cigarette goes away. Drink tea or some other beverage. Change the habits that you always associated with smoking.

Step 2

If possible, don't associate with smokers. This may be difficult at first, but in time you'll find more friends who don't smoke and enjoy activities with them that don't involve smoking. Eventually, smoke from cigarettes will disgust you. You will then be over the hump. Enjoy the pleasurable smells and fragrances around you. Notice the disgusting smells of smoker's clothing.

Also helpful is taking up some aerobic exercise program. Anything that will help you build your lung capacity and improve your blood pressure will be great. You're now on your way to a healthier life.

Tips & Warnings

Always remember how disgusting that last cigarette was.