Have you ever wanted to quit your job and make a income online that fully supports you?

Have you wanted to get rich with the help of the cashflow quadrant, but don't know where to get started?

Do you want a little passive income to help out with the bills every month?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, keep reading!

Yes, it is completely possible to quit your job and make a full-time income online.  However, it's not as simple as that!  Just quitting your job before you have online income is a good way to bring a disaster upon you!

Quit My JobCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/59937401@N07/Making an income online takes real work, but rewards you for years to come.  I am on this journey with you, and have started making over $20 a month online, which I am looking to double in the next few month.  I started with $3 per month 2 months ago, and raised it to $10 last month.  Now, at the 15th of this month, I've made $20!  The sky's the limit!

Getting a Start

The best way to start earning income online is to start learning how to do so.  A great way to do this is to write for Infobarrel or other article sharing sites.  These are a great first step in the door that allow you to learn about writing, search engine optimization and ad sales in a controlled, FREE environment.  You can even dip your feet in affiliate marketing here, and really earn a pretty good chunk of money from passive income!


Once you feel out the market, and see the earning possibilities, you can then begin to research other online passive income sources and how to start with them.  Concepts such as niche websites, affiliate marketing, SEO services and PPC advertisements may make your head spin right now, but they'll become a integrated part of your vocabulary before long.

Check out websites such as "Smart Passive Income", "Niche Pursuits", "Source Wave" and "Internet Business Mastery" for tons and tons of more info in how you can make passive income online.  Then, it's time to begin building your online portfoilio, and then you can quit your job!

Building a Diverse Portfolio

Once you start making passive income online, it's important to diversify your income if you ever intend to make a full time living off of it.  Because of many factors you can't control, you need to make sure that all of your eggs are in one basket.

Here are some examples of why you need to diversify!

  • You may accidently violate terms of service and be blocked from Google Adsense or another advertising network - it has happened to other people!
  • A website where you have content, like Infobarrel, may go under or change it's policies or go under all together.  In this world that we live in, you just never know!
  • Someone may hack your site or practice negative SEO in order to take your income away.  Evil as it may seem, it does sometimes happen.

Once you have diversified your income online, work towards the goal of replacing all of your typical monthly expenses with your monthly income from the internet.  Once you have that, it's time for one of the most exciting steps!

2 Weeks Notice!

Moving on from your day job to your dream job doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Many people worry that quitting their day job will be a tramatic experience, but I can tell you that people such as myself, Spencer Haws and Jon Acuff have all done it successfully without dying in the process!

Now, I didn't do it to move into a different career full time, like those other guys, so I will draw upon what I remember them saying to educate you here!

Writing and 2 weeks notice and quitting doesn't have to be a nightmare.

I know I just said that a 2nd time, but it's important.  Even if you're the best employee ever, most employers will understand that you have found a greater passion, and will have more worth in your new career.  Since you're quitting to build more passive income and live off of the funds you are already making, you can also give your employer more flexible terms.  It may turn into a 5 weeks notice if that is when your current project ends!  Employers generally are really nice if you are quitting to pursue something different - they only hate to see people go when they are going to competitors!

And if they don't understand, that's okay too!  You won't have to see them every day anymore!

And with that, you're free!  Freedom is here!

Do you have a story about quitting your job and working full time as an internet marketer?  Share it below in the comments, we'd all love to hear about it!