Making money online is a very popular topic these days. It seems every man and his dog is doing it. And it's not just the big shot, wizz kid, silicon valley entrepreneurs that are doing it – like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. No, average Joe's are making supplementary, replacement or even a higher income then they once did in their day jobs.

So, how is this happening? How are they doing it?

There are many many ways you can make money online, but below are some of the more popular ones. Another benefit of the below methods, is that start-up costs are very low, so you don't need to invest a lot of money to get started. You just need a computer and some time.

Start a Blog

Blogs are becoming a very popular method of communication. With a shift away from traditional media towards blogs, there are plenty of people who make a full time living by blogging. Setting up a blog is easy, and can be free. Check out Blogger or Wordpress. To add you own domain, you can get away with as little as $10 per year (even less!). To make a successful blog, you should pick a niche topic, focus on getting traffic and subscribers, build a community, then focus on monetizing that community down the line.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, is basically selling someone else's product and earning a commission on that sale. The standard way to do this is to build a website, get traffic to the website, then send people on to the product owners website and hope that they buy the product. There are many ways you can increase your chances of them buying, such as adding in your own sales copy, offering bonuses or having prospects sign up to an email list so you can re-engage them later with follow up offers. The problem with affiliate marketing is that its hard to generate traffic. Either you need to have strong Search Optimization Skills or you need to pay for advertising which can be costly.

Information Products

Information products are big business on the internet, with people raking in millions of dollars building and launching them. An information product can come in the form of an ebook, an audio course, a video course, a master mind group, a membership site, or any combination of the above. The basic premises is that you charge people for information that you know in your head or that you have collected from various experts. Information products are a fairly common direction for bloggers to take once they have built an audience. They are also great ways to build your list and credibility in your niche. Building and marketing an information product can be a very time consuming process. First, you will have to learn how to effectively build and market the product. Then you will have the build the product. Then market it. But if its a strong product, and you market it effectively, the rewards can be huge.


Ecommerce stores are another way you can make a large amount of money. Just look at the big boys like amazon. You can create an ecommerce store in almost any niche. You should focus on a product that will sell, which you can find out through testing. You should also look for high margin products. Another option for ecommerce stores is dropshipping. This is basically where you build a site, stating you sell a product, but when an order goes through, you send the order off to another company who ships the product. The margin is lower here, but you don't have to mess around with the standard issues of ecommerce such as purchasing inventory and managing shipping. There are plenty of products out there that let you build quick and easy ecommerce stores. Check out Shopify, one of the leading products in this market.

Article Writing

Finally, you can make money writing articles for different websites. These are sites that allow you to write articles and post them up onto their site, and will share in the revenue from advertising. Sites like this one – will offer you, sometimes, a substantial share of the revenue. Infobarrel for example, offers you 75% of advertising revenue made on the articles you write! There are plenty of sites out there that offer similar (usually worse offers) but you can still make lots of money from them. The great thing about these sites is that they already get lots of traffic and already rank well. Thus you don't have to do any of the technical or search engine optimization work to get people reading your work. If you are interested in writing for Infobarrel, you can sign up here.