If you want to make money online, you need to do so quickly, with little effort to start rolling in cash. It doesn't do much good to make money a year from now when you have bills piling up and people screaming they need you to pay this or that. While making money with affiliates and surveys are nice, I don't find that they make money quickly, instead you spend a lot of time with little results unless you dedicate yourself in the long term. That being said, all the ideas I use, make money today without affiliates.So what's to do? Well, first thing is find ways to use your computer to make money now! Here's some how to advice that I do daily!

Things You Will Need

Need to make money


Online access

Step 1

Get over to Examiner and open yourself a blog to write about the local happenings. You don't need to be a writer to write about your local neighborhood, you need to live there. This will create a following and you can starting making money. How quickly does writing on Examiner work? I make over $100 a month and I have been doing it only 1 1/2 months.

Step 2

Open an Amazon account and start selling used books. Where do you get these books? Garage sales and thrift stores. Pay a quarter and sell them for four or five dollars. Amazon transfers the funds directly into your account and you can request this transfer on a daily basis if you start selling lots of books. Not only will you make a profit, your buyers pay for postage. How quickly does this work? I average $250 a month selling used books.

Step 3

Start writing articles for content driven sites like eHow.com and Inforbarrel.com. This works well if you like to spend time in front of your computer and you have words of wisdom to offer. It doesn't need to be long drawn out scholar papers. Instead how about recipes or even reviews? How quickly does this work? I average over $700 a month.

Step 4

Get yourself an eBay account and head down to the local Dollar Store for items. That's right, if you open a eBay account and start researching items (see my other infobarrel article for details on how to quickly do this) you can buy an item and turn around and sell it for $5 bucks or more. Ebay has followers from all over the country who enjoy buying online rather than purchasing at the local store. How quickly does this work? I average over $500 a month selling dollar store items.

Making money online means being smart and using tools that you have currently available in your local area. While you don't always diamonds to sell or write about, everything is valuable to everyone, it is just a matter of finding your market.

Tips & Warnings