Getting your ELO on a Ryze with these 5 tips!

Anyone that has played League of Legends', a free to play MOBA, ranked matches knows that getting out of low ELO can be troublesome, however, i am here to give you some tips on increasing your ELO, and getting out of the dreaded place we all refer to as "ELO Hell”. This will be a 3 part guide detailing things you can do to increase your ELO and earn some bragging rights, for the ladies of course. I will also expect you to have basic knowledge about league of legends and have played a ranked match before.

Duo Queue:

Some players only play ranked matches with a buddy, others go it alone. Regardless of your stance, you can't deny that having 1 more player you can depend on and communicate with is infinitely better to having a troll, or someone that isn't quite ready for ranked matches. If you are queening up with a friend I highly suggest you use voice communication such as: Vent, Teamspeak 3, or Skype, my preference is Skype.

There are several benefits to queuing with someone you know. You can easily communicate to your buddy when something need to get done such as; setting up ganks, calling for back up, or controlling Baron/Dragon

I suggest the following set-ups between you and your buddy for this to work effectively; Top/Jungle, Mid/Jungle, Top/Mid, Ranged AD/Support. In my opinion Mid/Jungle is the best, that way either of you can easily control Top/Bot/Blue/Red/Dragon. As this set-up you gank a lane together, if they don't have a ward it should be a guaranteed kill on anyone in the lane. Make sure if you are playing the jungle you feed your buddy buffs, most times after you've gotten them once, warding for your buddy also lets him stay in lane longer and get ahead in his lane. Blue is much better on Brand rather than Lee sin.

Play a carry champ:

I tend to notice most people like to play jungle/top/mid. I do play supports in solo queue quite often, I usually go Taric with AD runes (surprisingly good for stun + that extra damage) or Soraka. If you want to win games, you sadly can't always be a team player. So I suggest you call Mid/Top or even jungle, most people will just auto lock so have fun with that! If you do get jungle/top/mid you need to be all over the place, I almost always go jungle/support in games so I'll cover jungle.

As a jungler you need to be EVERYWHERE and nowhere at the same time. What I mean is you need to cover all lanes/dragon/2 blues/2 reds/baron (later in the game). If you notice a lane is winning then don't waste your time there, focus on lanes that need your help. If all lanes are at least doing alright or you just helped them, run into the enemy jungle to steal buffs/small camps, ward, or kill him. If they do blue or wolves > blue, make sure to ward their blue at 6:30 or so, this lets you smite it, or just steal it when it respawns.