When your volleyball squad is a little short on cash for transportation, equipment or other necessities, a fundraising event can help. Raising money can range from tried-and-true measures to creative approaches as long as the members focus on meeting the sales goals.

Sell Custom Candy

Selling candy is a tried-and-true method of raising funds. When your volleyball team needs money for an event, game or new equipment, selling candy that has the name of the team on the wrapper is a great way to promote the team and raise funds. Players can sell the candy around school or in the neighborhood. It is also useful to sell candy during the games at the refreshment stand.

Sell Car Magnets

Car magnets are a useful way to raise money for the volleyball team and show school spirit at the same time. Car magnets can be customized to have their school logo or mascot on it and by selling them they can raise awareness and improve community unity to support players.

Sell the magnets at games, during local events or when the school is running an event. Getting the name and team out into the public will give you the opportunity to raise more funds in the future.

Run a Raffle

During volleyball games or at local events, run a raffle event. Sell raffle tickets for one to five dollars. Near the end of the game, after the game or a few hours after starting the sales, pull a winning number out of the hat.

According to Fund Raising Ideas Center, a 50/50 raffle is then split between the team and the winner. The winner will receive half of the money that was raised during the raffle while the team receives the other half. A raffle is particularly useful if the budget for the fundraiser is limited.

Sell Cookie Dough

According to Fundraising Ideas, cookie dough fundraisers are hassle-free and trendy. Friends, relatives and others in the community order buckets of cookie dough through a sign-up sheet. The order is taken down and the money is collected at the time the order is made. The money and the sheets are sent to the company.

A percentage of the sale price is given to the team and the cookie dough is sent directly to the buyer. It does not require an initial investment and it provides the opportunity to raise a large amount of funds.

Scratch Card Fundraiser

For this type of fundraiser the members are each given a card with dots on it. When friends, family or others in the community scratch off a dot, an amount is revealed. The individual donates that amount to the team and is given a coupon to local fast-food places or similar locations. The team keeps the donation, so the price of the scratch card is the cost of the fundraiser.

Raising money for your volleyball squad is not difficult. With customized magnets, fundraising events and the sales of items that neighbors will appreciate, it is possible to reach any fundraising goal.