People are either genetically right brain or left brain hemisphere oriented – creative thinkers or logical thinkers. It is like a spectrum with L (for left brain hemisphere which is responsible for our logical thinking) on one side and R (for right brain hemisphere which is responsible for our creative thinking) on the other. Most of us are located more towards either of those two sides. But after all, being in the dead center is the perfect spot to be in within that spectrum, that spot is also called "genius". Real geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci were right there in the dead center. He would have excellent technical researches but would paint creative master pieces at the same time.
Learn to become a better problem solver like Leonardo Da Vinci by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Things You Will Need

You don't need any materials, all you need is the persistence to consistently practice these methods, if you don't keep at it over a longer amount of time, you'll not notice any significant differences.

Step 1

Determine Your Position on the Spectrum and Train Your Opposite Side

Imagine a spectrum like this L-----x-----R, whereas L stands for left brain hemisphere and R stands for right brain hemisphere, and the x stands for the dead center. If you're more of a logical thinker and are majorly on the left side of the spectrum located (which means your left brain hemisphere is dominating), then do everything to move more towards the right side of the spectrum towards dead center. So get creative and do arts, start drawing or learn to play a musical instrument.
And if you're on the right side of the spectrum, do the same and move to the opposite side until you reach dead center, which means do activities which will train your less dominant left brain hemisphere. Artists tend to be scared by numbers, so step out of your comfort zone and learn some fun mental math tricks.

Step 2

Life is Organic Not Linear

Approach it organic and combine it with things you're already doing. For example, if you're a programmer, which is a heavily logical task, then try the other side of the spectrum and design the interface of your coded scripts, and get for example into CSS. Vice versa for the artistic people, simply take over the logical tasks on the creative projects you're already working on.

Step 3

Get in the Habit of Efficiently Solving Problems Immediately

Try to solve problems in your daily life and work space any time you can without moving the task to a later time. Being intelligent means being a problem solver, the more you get into the habit of efficiently solving any problem that you encounter, the better of a problem solver you become. Try to approach the problem solving by utilizing both, creative and logical thinking.

Step 4

Have a Hobby That Trains Your Opposite Side

After you know to which brain hemisphere you naturally belong, have a hobby that you regularly and continuously practice to train the opposite hemisphere of your brain and remain that new intelligent problem solver that you have become.

This How-To is not about changing you as a person, it's about getting the best possible potential out of you by utilizing all your resources. You have two brain hemispheres, thus utilize them both equally to become an efficient problem solver.

Tips & Warnings

Don't overdo the training of your other brain hemisphere, the goal is not to end up on the other side of the spectrum, rather you want to aim for the dead center where the geniuses are located!