If you're tired of that chair seat jumping around every time you sit down, here's how to get started fixing it.

Things You Will Need

* Pliers

* Screw driver

* Fabric for new cover

* tacks or staples and staple gun

Step 1

Turn the chair upside down, if the seat doesn't fall out then you'll have to find out how it is fastened to the chair. Most of the older wooden chairs have a small brace in each corner and there will either be a screw there or it will have been glued down. If it was glued you can probably just pry it up with the screwdriver.

Step 2

If there is cushioning on the seat pad ,check to see if it needs to be replaced. Or you may just want to add a little more cushion. In that case be sure to cut the fabric slightly larger than the old one. It will also make the fabric easier to hold while you are stapling or tacking on the new cover. You can always trim off the excess after you finish .

When you're folding the corners be sure to try to match the folds to look the same as any other chairs in the set. Pull the fabric as tight as you can while you're working.

If you have to cut new foam for the seat, use a razor blade knife and make short light cuts. Pull one side back so you can cut down into the foam.

The same procedure can be used to cover bar stools or foot stools.

Tips & Warnings

If you 're redoing an antique chair you will want to try to duplicate the original covering as close as possible.

A good solid color oil cloth works well for this . If it's not antique , the oil cloth is still a good idea especially in the kitchen because you can just wipe it off.