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Your set of house drawing plans and blueprints have finally arrived, and it's time to celebrate. You are one step closer to building your dream home. After the initial joy, it's now time to talk with the building construction professionals.


The complete set of house drawing plans and blueprints are home's most important documents. They include crucial information required for the house construction, made up of bulky sheets of paper, and a jumble of symbols, incomprehensible lines, keys and notations.


It may seem an overwhelming task to wade through all that information, but it's not that hard to interpret the whole set of home plan documents. It is a good idea to have some understanding of what it all means because it helps in communicating clearly with the professionals that will work on site throughout the construction period. These building professionals include the builder, the subcontractors, the general workforce and even the lending institution that bankrolls the building project.


How to Decipher House Drawing Blueprints

Before proceeding, there is need to decipher exactly what the blueprints are saying. All it needs is a little background and concentration, after which interpreting those plans will be simple and clear. The complete set of home design plans come with the:


Foundation plan

The foundation plan indicates the kind of foundation the home will be built upon. The foundation may be a full or partial basement, crawlspace, or slab. It will indicate all necessary specifications for its construction, including materials recommended, detailed dimensions and locations for foundation footings.


Floor plans

The floor plans represent the layout of the home and include one for each floor level. They show the shapes, sizes and locations of all of the interior rooms and spaces of the building. It is the floor plan that shows the position of all interior and exterior doors, walls, windows, built-in elements like kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, plumbing fixtures and electrical layout.


Framing plan

The framing plan shows how all walls should be constructed, where the timber frames are positioned, and the size of the timber to be used.


Roof plans

Includes the details required for the construction of the roof, including its style, pitch, type, and frame construction fine points.


Interior elevation drawings

Elevation plans of a selection of the interior walls (vertical views).


Exterior elevation drawings

These are drawings of all the four exterior walls (sides) of the house.


Section drawings

These sets of drawings show cross-sectional views of particular sections of the house spanning from the roof to the foundation. A cross-section plan will indicate details like ceiling heights, ceiling types whether vault or flat, door dimensions and window locations and dimensions.


Detail & working drawings

Detailed working drawings are elevations and sections of special details, including kitchen units, built-in shelving, decorative moldings and columns.


Window and door schedules

A schedule for these elements indicates the sizes and quantities of all the building's interior and exterior doors and windows that will be installed in the house.


Electrical schematic drawings

The electrical plans show the locations of all the wiring works, electrical outlets, switches, fixtures and fittings. These plans also indicate which switches operate which lights.


Plumbing schematic drawings

The plumbing (mechanical) drawings show the locations of all pipes, plumbing fixtures and how the connect.



Get Acquainted With Your House Designs and Floor Plans

On a final note, it is advisable to get familiar with some fundamentals on reading and interpreting house designs and floor plans, so as to understand the home design and layout completely. It is also a good idea to buy a set of study plans for a design you are considering, so that you can check out the home in greater detail.


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The floor plans should show all floors for the home, including any basement, if it's part of the buildings design. All interior rooms will be clearly labelled as bedrooms, master suites, living rooms, bathrooms, utility areas, dining room, guest room, bonus spaces, etc.


All features such as closets, doors, windows, cabinets and other built-in units, staircases, and all other important features will be distinctly marked. The plan's dimensions will show overall width and depth at its widest and deepest points, which will be indicated somewhere close to the floor plan drawing.


And if there are symbols that are not clearly understood in the house drawing plans package, the  online house designs and floor plan retailers customer service representatives will be glad to be of assistance.