Gas Meter Dials Gas Meter

Reading a gas meter can be a bit difficult. All those gauges spinning in different directions-what do they mean anyway? This article will show you how to read a gas meter.

First thing's first, go outside your house and find the gas meter. It's usually on the side of your home close to the ground. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil to write down the reading on your gas meter.

Begin to read the gas meter from left to right. Ignore the dial at the top that says "ten feet." This dial is for testing purposes and is not important when you want to read your gas meter.

The farthest left dial on the gas meter is millions (of cubic feet) of gas used. Write this number down in the millions column. This number is probably a zero, because most of us don't use millions of cubic feet of gas in a month.

The next dial is hundred thousands. Read this dial, and record the gas meter reading where hundred thousands should go. The next two dials are as follows: Ten thousands, and thousands. Read and record each gas measure accordingly.

You should now have a big number written down, that's the first step to read and understand a gas meter. The number you have written is the amount of gas you have used this month. That amount is in cubic feet.

Now you just need to go to your local natural gas provider's website, and check the price of gas. It should list a price per thousands of cubic feet, or something similar. Multiply it and you've got a reading for how much gas you used that month!