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You might be wondering well what's the whole big idea with reading anyway. But let me tell you reading could improve you as a person and enrich your mind. Try these points and see if it works for you.

What is the Essence of Reading?

Most of the time people read a book without pondering over what they are reading, this takes the passion away from reading, it honestly strangles the life out of reading. People forget reading is not just about the words but also what they represent which is the meaning. So when we read and reflect our mind should be more focused on the meaning rather than the words. Remember the words paint the picture, and if we concentrate on the meanings it will be abundantly easier to read and hopefully we will be able to finish the book from cover to cover.

The Many Choices of Books

If you don't like this then you'll definitely like that, something we've heard countless times. Well this is more true about the wonderful world of books. The variety of books is amazing. If you are a person interested in arts then you could read up on it and become better in your art, they say knowledge is power. If you are into adventure, then an adventure book is for you. If you love superheroes then comics are for you, in short there is something for everyone in the galaxy of books. So, a point to remember is that if you are sincerely interested in a topic, then buy a book about it rather than buying a book which doesn't interest you otherwise it will be difficult to read with consistency. In short, the more interested you are in the book, the easier it will be to allocate some time for it.

The Time that Suits You

Now comes a crucial part. You've attained an excellent book but you don't have the time for it or so you think. Any time that you feel comfortable with should be the exact time when you read a book. People who have read books for years and years, they have a fixed time for reading. These kinds of people mainly read just before they sleep whilst they are lying on their beds. So, basically when it comes to time, any time and I mean any time you feel comfortable and relaxed in, should be the time for reading. This is because this comfort will open up your mind for reflection, which again I would say is the essence of reading.

The Right Place

You might have a great book, a book you are extremely interested in, the time would be right according to you too, but if the place isn't right you will find it excruciatingly difficult to reflect. Try to choose a quiet place where you won't get distracted. Most people who are easily distracted go to the library to read their books, they find it easy to read and reflect there, whereas in their own homes there would be too many distractions. The point is the place should be tranquil and not noisy, otherwise it will reduce your reflection about what you are reading.


Technology has helped many things, as well as the world of books. Now you can even read your favourites on your laptop or tablet whatever you have. Although some people still prefer the traditional paperbooks, this is really about preference. If you are more in to technology, then why not give it ago?


These are very helpful for those people who find it difficult to be motivated into reading as an individual. You could even create a bookclub of your own with friends and family. You could inspire one of them on to even greater things . They say family activities make the family come closer.

I hope this short article has helped you.

Books are food for the mind.