Not Making as Much Money as You Thought With Your Articles?

The One Thing You MUST Know to Get Paid to Write Online

Do you want to make some extra money writing online? Maybe you've already taken the dive and started publishing some articles and you just are not seeing the earnings you had imagined. Or you might just be writing online as a hobby (if this is the case, then stop reading now because this article won't benefit you much). But if you're looking to get paid to write online, read on to find out what it takes to make some money.

The Cold Hard Truth

Writing online is a great way to earn some cash on the side or possibly even supplement your income completely. They say everyone has at least one book in them, and it's probably true. There's a problem though: people do not understand how to get their articles viewed. Understanding this concept can be the difference between actually making some money to write online, or getting completely discouraged when your articles get very few views and then quit all together.

The absolute best and most creative writer in the world could spend countless hours pumping out great content and see absolutely no results. Don't be that person! You can make money writing online with sites like infobarrel, Squidoo, or triond. You have to know one thing though: how to get people to view your article.

Traditional means of advertising (ad campaigns, banners, etc.) your article are pretty well out of the question because they cost, so there's one more option: search engine optimization which is absolutely free. In a nutshell, you're trying to get on the first page of Google when someone types certain words in a search query. Getting to that number one spot means you get more views (42% to be exact). So how do you get there?

How Google Works

Google has this tricky little thing called an algorithm for search queries which judges webpages based on certain criteria such as relevance and domain age to decide the best result for the searcher. For higher searched items there is often a lot more competition making it harder to rank in that first page on Google, but there are less searched keywords that you can target and can use to get to that first spot. These keywords are the ones that you should use in your articles to rank for that search. Putting them in titles and header tags as well as the content can boost your position to number one.

Most writers will just pick a title and then write off the cuff, while this is natural and really should be the way you write, it doesn't lend itself to ranking in Google. You have to play the search engine game in order to be recognized. I will say that with recent algorithm updates the more natural writing is getting the credit that it deserves, but if you don't target a keyword with potential for traffic, your article will be in the depths of the internet where it might get stumbled upon once in a blue moon. You're better than that though, you understand that keyword research is really how you will get paid to write online.

So how do you find these keywords to target?

You could use Google's AdWords Tool to find a keyword that might get you a good ranking, and then type that keyword in Google to see what kind of sites come up as competition. This might work for you, but there's a good chance you'll miss something and be right back at square one wondering why you're not getting any views. Believe me, there is a much easier way...

A keyword research tool, that's the answer, this is what you need to get paid to write online. There are many versions of these out there; some good, some not so good, but there's one that stands out from the rest and for good reason. Market Samurai is the absolute best keyword research tool available on the Internet, and anyone thinking about making money by writing online needs to have this awesome tool. The best part about all of it? You get to try it out for a week for free by simply entering in your name and email address.

How a Writer Would Use Market Samurai

So let's say you want to write an article about parents living vicariously through their children with little league baseball. Chances are you wouldn't do very well targeting a keyword like little league baseball. So you can pull up Market Samurai, type in little league baseball, and find hundreds of other keywords that you actually have a chance at ranking for and pulling in the traffic you need.

Whether you're a blogger, affiliate, or a writer trying to make a little money online with your artistic ability on article sites, keyword research is necessary in order to be successful. Google is a very well-funded and elaborate machine that most little guys like us have no chance at beating. We need help, and Market Samurai is that help. As a matter of fact, I used it to write this article. (Fun little game I play when reading articles-see if you can guess what keyword I targeted before you read any further.)

Get paid to write is the phrase that I targeted with this article, and I did it using the tools available on Market Samurai. This tool will lead you all the way from finding a keyword, to building back links to give more credibility to your article. Here's how I did it:

(I know the pictures are a little big, but I wanted you to be able to see it well)

How to Really Get Paid to Write Online with Market SamuraiHow to Really Get Paid to Write Online with Market Samurai(133710)


 So I wanted to do an article about online article writing, so that's what I typed in. I generated 812 keywords originally and used the built-in filter features to get that number narrowed down to find the one that made the most sense. Once you analyze the keywords, Market Samurai will show you how much money a site ranked first has the potential to make, how many searches are done daily on that term, as well as the trends associated with that term (how people search for it over a year's time). I chose get paid to write because it had a decent amount of searches and from there I did some SEO competition research. Click the SEO competition tab and let Market Samurai work its magic!

Get Paid to Write Online(133691)

This shot shows all of the important factors that Google takes into account when choosing which site will rank number 1 for a particular term. It's color-coded all nice and pretty, more red means tougher competition while green means there is more of a chance of ranking with little effort. You can look at things such as domain age, page rank, back links, webpage trust and authority, whether they have the keyword in the title, url, description, header; all of which Google takes into account when choosing the most relevant site. You even have the option of analyzing the back links and anchor text on each competing site. Everything you could possibly want to know about your competition is right there for you to see.

Market Samurai even takes it a few steps further and shows you how to build links pointing back to your article through relevent web content, and you can even promote and publish straight from this tool. There are so many available options for this tool, I could never explain all of it to you in this one article, but when you sign up for the free trial you will see that there are plenty of resources that come along with it to show you exactly how to get the most benefit out of the software.

Keyword research is the difference between making some money by writing online and being flat discouraged. Market Samurai is the best research tool on the market and they are offering you a risk-free trial just by entering your name and email address. So what do you have to lose? Whether you're brand new to the concept of getting paid to write online or you want to improve your existing articles, Market Samurai gives you the best chance at succeeding with your online writing career. There is absolutely no reason not to sign up and at least give it a try.