Cigarettes are bad for you - you should probably know that by now. However, it's addictive - and that means quitting can be hard. More and more people are trying to get healthy and quit every year, but it isn't always that easy. While many like to try a range of "quitting" methods like patches or e-cigarettes - some prefer to cut out tobacco instantly with cold turkey.

If you haven't heard of it before - cold turkey is completely stopping smoking altogether without any "easing off". Just stopping. It can be hard for some, but for others it can be highly effective. We're going to look at how to quit smoking cold turkey.

Step 1 - Throw out your smoking things and create a smoke free zone

The first step in going cold turkey is to make sure you've got rid of everything associated with smoking. As trays, lighters, and especially cigarettes. Not only do lighters remind you of lighting up, they'll also make it much easier to relapse.

Make sure where you live is free from other smokers. If someone you live with continues to smoke, it'll increase temptation.

Step 2 - Enlist friends and colleagues

Make sure people around you know what you're trying to do. That way they'll be able to help you resist and they'll be more wary about lighting up around you.

Step 3 - Avoid smoking places for a while

It might be difficult to stop going out to the bar for a few weeks, but these places are where temptation to smoke are at their highest. Make sure you avoid places where you know there'll be using cigarettes until you've really gotten over the first stages of addiction.

Step 4 - Get another hobby

In order to take your mind off of lighting up, try and find a new hobby - something healthy and sociable.

Step 5 - Substitute something else for cigarettes

Every time you feel like smoking, have a banana. It doesn't have to be a banana, but try and associate something else with feeling like smoking and do that instead. Something healthy is preferable.

Hopefully, these steps should make it easier to quit tobacco.