Taking a birthday video might seem like a normal job for anyone. This is a common belief among some people.

However, once you try to capture the birthday on a video camera, you will find that it is far more than easy.

Unless you are spending the time with your video camera, taking a birthday video is going to be cumbersome. Fear not, help is always at hand. Let us delve into the details, shall we?

Have you ever watched a birthday video that was captured by someone else on an occasion? You might find that the video will be lacking continuity.

I mean the first scene will show the birthday girl or boy smiling at the camera and the next frame will display some of the guests who are arriving. Well, they are doing it wrong.

We are not looking forward to making the next epic birthday video, still the continuity of the video must be maintained at all the costs.

Always use a tripod while filming the event instead of lugging the video camera all across the house. Lugging the camera is good, especially when the new generation cameras being featherweight and sturdy. However, please ensure that too much of rocking action is absent.

A birthday party will be having announcements at regular intervals. Ensure that the camera can grasp all such talks.

In other words, the camera must be positioned in such a manner that the speaker's voice can be clearly heard throughout the birthday video.

People usually are stuck in here and they often record the announcement separately and merge them with the existing video.

This might seem like an unprofessional work as the usual din and noise that are associated with birthday parties will be absent from the video.

There should be a proper conclusion for the birthday video. Most of these videos are known to end abruptly.

Hey, the cake cutting has been captured, right? People tend to switch off the camera once that part is completed.

The rest of the celebrations is never taken into account and this will induce a void to the entire recording. If possible try to end the recording amicably. The viewers should applaud the efforts of the camera operator.

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