Recording a cell phone conversation is not something most of us do everyday, it is actually something most of us do not do that often, but there are situations when having proof of a conversation can prove to be invaluable. Keep in mind that recording a phone conversation may be illegal sometimes.

Enough blah blah blah, right? How do your tape a cell phone call?

Things You Will Need

A cell phone!

Step 1

Switch your phone to speaker phone. Most cell phones have this option, you put the phone in speaker phone mode and record the call using a tape recorder, or other recording device.

Use a wireless phone recorder. Yes, there are little devices that will hook up to your cell phone (usually where you would plug a hands free device) and will allow you to tape a conversation effortlessly and with great quality.

The number of cell phone recording devices is immense. With increased availability these devices have come down in price recently. Buy online and save even more!

Tips & Warnings