How to recover a router password

If you have restrictions on your router or if you need to change something and you don't know the password, or if someone has taken over your router maliciously, the process to recover the password is relatively simple. If you know all your ISP details, and you can afford to completely reset the router to gain access and reconfigure it, then read the article . If someone will notice that it's different then use this method.


The way you are going to "capture" the password is by "sniffing" it out. You will use a security program called "Cain and Abel" from This is a security program designed to do many things, but you will only be using a couple of its functions. Before you use this program, make sure you are connected to the router in question. Even if you can get internet, make sure you are wirelessly connected to that network.

Start by going to the "Sniffer" tab. Go to configure at the top menu bar. Make sure the right device is selected; it's usually the one with an IP address and a subnet mask. Make sure the "Don't use promiscuous mode" is checked, and the "start sniffer on startup". Now click apply, then ok and return to the sniffer tab. Make sure the sniffer is activated by clicking the button under the menu bar right beside the open folder. Right click in the empty lines, and then press scan MAC addresses. This will bring up a little window. Usually the default settings work, but if nothing comes up after scanning, go back and change from all hosts to range. Now change the last number in the first line to 0 and the last number in the second line to 255. Now scan again. This will bring up a list of computers and devices connected to the network. If you right click on one of them and click resolve host name, it will usually tell you, and you can use that to check if it's the right computer you're sniffing on.


Now at the bottom there are a couple sub tabs. Go to ARP (the radioactive symbol). Click in the empty space in the top section. Now press the blue cross at the top. A little window will come up. Now what you want to do is basically overlook all the data going from a certain computer to the router so you can nab the password. So in the first (left) pane click the IP address that is 192.168.1 not anything with more than (ie: DON'T press or something like that). In the next pane it should bring up all the IP addresses that you didn't click in the first pane. Now you click the one that you know is the admin's computer, or the computer you know the password might be used on. If you are unsure go back to the sniffer tab and look at the host names or the OUIs (if the computer is a Dell, it'll usually say that). Now click ok, and when the little window disappears, there will be one line filled in the top pane. Press it (it should say idle) and then press the radioactive symbol at the top of the screen right beside the sniffer button you pressed earlier.

It will start to overlook at the activity between the computer and the router. You can move on to the next sub-tab at the bottom, the one called "passwords". Under the HTTP section all the network traffic should be appearing. Passwords and username from a router is not encrypted so you won't have to crack it. Now all you need to do it make the person with the password type it in. When they do, it'll show up in the screen. There you go. Now type in in a web browser and you'll be ready to reconfigure or change the settings on the router.

Do not use this for malicious purposes, but instead as a way to defend yourself against malicious people.