How to recycle a picture frame? Easy, make it into a message board.

In my community, they have a large garbage pickup approximately twice a year. I drag my husband out with me, and drive up and down the streets looking for treasures!

He usually looks embarrassed, but I think of it as one big treasure hunt.

A few years ago, we were doing this, and at the end of one driveway, at dusk, I saw it. It was a large white picture frame. No picture in it, or any glass, just a big frame thrown on top of the pile of old chairs and couches. I leapt out of the car and grabbed it, and got it into the back seat. My husband asked "and what are you going to do with that?" I already had an idea, and told him to wait and see.

I love creating recycled crafts, and you can recycle a picture frame into almost anything, including using it for its original use, to frame something. If you want to go ahead and use it as a frame for your best works of art, then go for it. But I had another idea.

message board picture frame

I had a spot in my kitchen, just over my little telephone table, just waiting for a message board. So, I had the idea, that I could make this into one big message board. This particular white frame was 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall. It must have housed a HUGE painting at one time.

I cleaned the cobwebs off of the frame and cleaned it up. It was already white but looking a bit tired, so I painted another coat of fresh white paint, and let it dry. I went to the lumber store, and I purchased a cheap piece of smooth hardboard and this piece just happened to be the right size, but most hardware stores will cut it to size for you.

I inserted this smooth hardboard into my frame, and then I found a flat piece of wooden trim kicking around the house, and I painted it white too, and glued onto this hardboard about 1/4 of the way downs. Leaving a small section of exposed hardboard at the top of the frame and the larger portion below. I marked where this piece of trim was on the hardboard, and then removed the hardboard from the frame.

Paint is a Great Way to Recycle Wood Frames

I painted a country scene on the top portion of the wood, and I then purchased some blackboard paint, and painted the bottom section with this paint. I did 3 coats of blackboard paint. (you can get this paint in green or black, but I preferred the black for contrast)

I varathaned the picture I painted for protection, and once everything was dry, I placed the hardboard back in the frame permanently. I now had a decorative recycled picture frame that was now, a great one of a kind piece of art and message board. I call this useable art!

My passion is painting, but you could do anything with a frame like this. You could decoupage your kids school pictures to the top part. You could take black and white photo copies of any photos you like and decoupage them. Just make sure and coat with some varathane after. You could frame a cross stitch in the top part of your message board, or a nice family picture, or rubber stamp design.. or glue a piece of cork in there for pinning messages.

I then hung this frame over my telephone table, and had a piece of chalk ready for all those messages that the kids need to leave for their comings and goings. This is instead of the bits of paper I was finding on the counter or usually the floor.

It was also great for jotting down phone numbers, and more. If you don't like the idea of the chalkboard, you could replace it with more cork and have a large bulletin board for messages. Your imagination is your limit.

I love to rescue potential treasures. I have to be careful not to take on too much though, or your own house will fill up with junk! This frame was destined for the dump, and I saved it and made it into a useful piece of art. To recycle a picture frame like that one, made me feel good.

Repurpose Crafts - by Recycling

You can incorporate recycling into your crafts and/or crafts business. You can then end up with unique pieces of art. Another great way to create a nice piece of recycled art, is to find cabinet doors. Especially ones with the inner trim that makes it look like a frame. You can leave it a rustic look or clean it up, your choice, and paint or decoupage something in the middle.

There is a lot of paint products out there now, that can help you give an old piece some character, like "crackle paint" that gives your object that old world feeling. Or paint it wild colors for a funky look. With the latest and greatest primers out there, you don't need to strip old wooden objects anymore. You can just clean them of grease and oils, and then just prime them and then paint them any technique you want.

That saying "one persons trash is another persons treasure" is so true for me!

So the next time your community has any kind of big garage sale, or large item garbage pickup, mark it on your calendar. You may just find some real treasures out there. But dress warm and ready to dig through the piles to find your treasure. It will be worth it. You will know it when you see it!. My husband just rolls his eyes from the car, when I emerge clutching something from search

I always keep wooden frames, they are so useful. You are bound to find one or two in these treasure hunts, at the ends of driveways. Sometimes you can get a good assortment of picture frames at the re-use center as well, or at garage sales.

So, recycle a picture frame, turn it into a unique piece of art, and have fun.

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