When you buy magazines, especially glossy ones, you’ll discover lot of ideas such as home decoration and stumble upon different images from pages of these magazines.  In between pages, you will skim through gloss advertisement pages and admire or criticize the products or services they promote.  And after reading, you either keep the magazines or throw them away.  But wait, these glossy pages can be recycled and can actually make your home attractive and interesting to your guests, family members, relatives, and everyone else. Here are some good recycling ideas:

1. Glass or Cup Coasters

These are small individual pieces of kitchen items you place under glasses when you served drinks to your guests.  You can create unique coaters using your own creativity and make it as a good conversation piece with your house guests.  Here’s how you do it:

a. Prepare a pattern using an existing coaster at home and cut similar patterns from a cardboard.  Repeat the process until you have reached desired quantity.

b. Skim through your old magazines and pick glossy pages you want to tear and use as designs.  You can create a theme like food ads or make up ads only; the choice is yours.

c. Cut the pages using the same pattern with the cardboard.

d. Paste it thoroughly or have it laminated.

e. Repeat the process until all the cardboard patterns are done.

f. Trim edges by silver dusting or by wrapping around colored fibers or ribbons.

Easy isn’t it?  Here is another idea on how to recycle glossy pages of magazines:

2. Removable Wall Murals

home decorationCredit: home decoration

Instead of using wall paper which you will find difficult and quite expensive to replace, you can choose a removable wall mural decoration.  Here’s how you make one:

a. Measure the wall you want to decorate and buy a strong cardboard with similar measurements.

b. Scan your magazines for glossy ad pages that you can use.  Tear these and paste or embed it on the wall cardboard.  Using a smoother, you can paste the pages evenly without loose small bumps and humps.  You can create a theme so you know what pages to tear and rip.

c. To protect the wall from scratches, have it laminated or film coated by an expert.  Place wall hanging devices at the back of the board so you can hang it on your wall.

d. You can create as many as you want and use the removable wall murals alternately so that you will have something pleasant to see from time to time.  Who knows, one of your guests might buy your murals so you earn from it?

In this time of volatile economy, wise spending is very important if we want to protect ourselves from the hazards of negative economics.  When hard times happen, one should not be denied the opportunity for home decoration.  Instead, every individual or homemaker should be encouraged to challenge their creativities and find innovative ideas to decorate their homes.  As described in this article, recycling is one good suggestion.