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Looking around your home you probably see many rooms that you would change if you could afford it.  After looking at the same wall colors, wall paper and even pictures for several years they don’t have the same appeal.  At a time when you are watching every dollar how do you redecorate?  There are a number of things you can do to not only raise money to redecorate but shop for furnishing s without destroying your budget.

1.       Sell your existing furnishing online.  Websites like Craigslist and E-bay make it easy to sell your things.   There are millions of buyers out there every day looking for the right piece of furniture for their homes and you may have just what they are searching for.  Write a good ad and upload several pictures of your items.  Your belongings will probably sell faster than you think.

2.      Go online to shop for new furnishing.  When I redecorated my house, I did a one to one swap.  Basically this entails selling a piece of furniture and then searching the web until the perfect replacement piece was located.  There are some awesome bargains online.  Seek and you shall find.

3.      Buy returned paint colors or incorrectly mixed paint colors.  You would be surprised how much paint is returned to stores daily because the color is not what the shopper was looking for.  This return is to your advantage as it allows you to buy the paint at a discount.  There are some beautiful colors to be found inside those cans that can make a dull wall look fantastic.

4.      Consignment Stores.  Many people with the same idea that you have to redecorate turn to consignment stores to assist them in getting rid of their unwanted furniture.  Find the stores in your area and go have a look.  Some of the coolest finds for my home makeovers have been from consignment stores.

5.      Have a garage sale.  Many neighborhood and churches have large garage sales that encompass their entire area.  This can be great for you because of the great numbers of consumers out looking for a good deal.  Display your items neatly with a clear price tag and watch them disappear quickly.  The next best thing to online selling is a garage sale.

6.      Visit Estate Sales.  Some of the most amazing finds can be located at Estate Sales.  Many heirs looking to unload the furnishings of their parents for quick cash can provide you with some great items including: furniture, artwork and rugs.  Be the first one there and get the jump on any competition.

While redecorating your home may have seemed out of the question before, with these tips you can start today.  A little bit of creativity and a little work can go a long way into transforming your home to the showcase home you have always dreamed about.   You will be glad you did.