Belly fat is not only unsightly; it can also pose health hazards. Belly fat can lead to elevated risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. You may see numerous ads for products to reduce stomach fat, but in fact there are no miracle cures. Instead, to reduce love handles, what you need is a combination of healthy diet and exercise. This article gives some tips on how to reduce belly fat.




First of all, you will really need to be determined to lose belly fat. Too many people start out with good intentions of reducing belly fat through regular exercise and healthy diet, and then fall off the wagon.


Reduce belly fat with a healthy diet and regular exercise

    Step 1


    Eat a diet rich in whole grains, and cut out refined grains (like white bread). This kind of diet helps in burning excess belly fat.


    Step 2


    Reduce overall caloric intake. This means eating smaller portions, and greatly reducing or eliminating junk food. Also try to minimize snacking, and when you do, eat healthy snacks (fruit, low-fat crackers, yogurt etc)


    Step 3


    Eat foods rich in monounsaturated fats, such as avocados, nuts, olive, olive oil, canola oil, etc. But watch your total intake, as these are high-calorie foods. One nice thing about nuts is, a little bit goes a long way. So, if you get “the munchies” at your desk in the middle of the work day, a small handful of nuts can fill you up and carry you to the next meal, thus reducing your urge to snack frequently during the day.


    Step 4


    Cut out trans fats, which are often found in cookies, pastries and margarine.


    Step 5


    Eat foods high in soluble fiber. Apples, oatmeal and cherries are examples of these kind of foods.


    Step 6


    Exercise regularly. Do calorie burning exercises, like walking 60 minutes every day. Sit-ups and crunches, however, won't help you get rid of tummy fat, as these are muscle-strengthening exercises rather than calorie-burning ones. If anything, these latter exercises can make your belly fat more prominent because they tone the muscles beneath it!


Tips & Warnings


    While there is no magic bullet to lose your gut, these steps applied diligently over a period of time will help you to reduce belly fat.