car engine noise

Do you drive down the street to attract the gaze of every other driver and passerby because your car sounds like a rocket launching into outer space? Perhaps it's time to do something about that engine noise. This article will give you a few great steps to reduce your car engine noise.

First check your car's engine and make sure everything is as it should be. Loud engine noise is often due to rattling and shifting of components. Tighten all bolts and screws and make sure nothing is coming loose—loud engine noise can be a sign your about to lose something.

Ensure your spark plugs are running in optimal condition. Ensure that all hoses and belts are running properly. A cracked or damaged belt could be giving your car engine trouble and make a nice loud hiccup every time the belt goes around (which is usually quite fast).

Clean out your engine. Often times the car engine will make more noise when it has a lot of guck stopping things from running as they should. Give your engine a proper cleaning and make sure it has a nice fresh batch of motor oil to keep it running smooth and reduce car engine noise.

The last (and most expensive option) is to buy something to filter out engine noise. Certain materials designed to filter out the sound of car audio (Dynamat) work well to reduce car engine noise as well. Apply a good thick layer underneath the hood of your car, and around the outer edges of the engine compartment.