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There are some simple things that you can do in order to reduce energy consumption in your home.  Most modern homes use a lot of energy to operate appliances, for heating and cooling and this can result in very high electric bills each month. The energy used is also obtained from non-renewable resources which are reducing at a very fast rate and this has had an adverse effect on the environment.

Insulate to save


In order to reduce energy consumption in your home, you can insulate ceilings and walls. This allows you to save between 20% and 30% in heating bills. It also helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For those who live in areas which are very cold, you can super-insulate your home. Modernizing your windows is also an effective way to reduce heating and cooling bills. Invest in some double-glazed windows to reduce the amount of heat required to keep your home warm.


Home appliances also use up a lot of energy in homes therefore it is important to unplug them when you are not using them. Refrigerators use up a lot of energy therefore you should turn them down. A thermometer will help you to set your refrigerator to the right temperature. Refrigerators usually come with an energy saver switch which you should always turn on. The doors should be sealed tightly to keep the refrigerator cold.

Washing Machines and Dryers

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If you own a washing machine, you should always set it to cold or warm wash instead of hot in order to reduce energy consumption. When using dishwashers,   make sure it is full before running it to reduce the number of times it is used. You can also save more energy by air drying the dishes. The drying cycle on the dishwasher can be turned off manually to reduce the amount of electricity you use by 20%.

When shopping for home appliances, you should get the most energy efficient ones to replace old models. Check the labels to ensure the model allows you to save energy and cut down emissions. The models you purchase should also be suitable for your requirements. You should also look for appliances which can use solar power to reduce your electricity bills.


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To reduce energy consumption, you should get some fluorescent bulbs. They are more efficient compared to incandescent bulbs because they use less energy. These bulbs also last longer and provide a bright light. Incandescent bulbs only produce light from 10% of the energy they consume and this result in very high electric bills. Using the fluorescent bulbs also helps to cut down carbon emissions.


Most people take hot showers without considering the amount of electricity or gas that is used to heat the water. You can cut down on costs by installing some low-flow shower heads. These shower heads will reduce electricity and gas use and cut down carbon emissions. The measures you can take to reduce energy consumption are very simple but they help the environment and save you a lot of money.