Reduce Facial Aging

Facial aging is a part of life and there is no way to stop it. However, you can slow it down and that is what this article is all about. The good news and the bad news is that it is up to you. Some people are willing to do what it takes and others are not. Those that are willing will be able to look and feel younger longer.

You can slow down facial aging, but guess what, you can also speed it up. People who smoke are in the latter group, they are escalating the aging process. Not only will it show up on their face it will destroy the body too. So, the first warning is DON'T SMOKE or if you already do, then start a program to help you quit.

While we're on bad habits that promote facial aging let's not forget alcohol. Too much alcohol will make you look haggard and unhealthy. All you need do is visit a couple of AA meetings to see the damage alcohol has done to those who have abused it.

Invest in a good sunscreen; the sun is very hard on our skin and many times does damage that cannot be repaired. Yes, a tan looks good, but you're paying a high price for it. So, tan if you must, but keep in mind that if you keep living one day you will be old.

Also, invest in a good facial moisturizer, especially if you are a sun worshiper. Know your skin type, dry, normal or oily, so that you will choose wisely. In addition, use a quality night moisturizer; this is not the place to scrimp if you are concerned with facial aging.

Keep skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water instead of sodas and drinks that are full of caffeine and sugar. Our body and skin is much healthier when we consume natural products. If this is difficult for you then switch over slowly by doing it half a day, then a whole day, then 2 days and so forth until you don't even want it anymore.

Drinking water and eating healthy foods are sure to help slow down facial aging, since what goes in the inside shows up on the outside. If you think it doesn't you are in denial. Sleep is another thing that will show up on your face, so getting enough sleep is a must.

Lastly, eat antioxidant foods and take vitamin supplements to help combat facial aging. Vitamins A, C, D, E and B complex are excellent skin care vitamins.

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