Go green! It's a catch phrase and an important one. Going green means to make a conscious decision to change your personal habits to reduce waste and improve the environment. These are simple steps you can take at home to reduce paper waste by using online banking and billing.

Things You Will Need

  • internet
  • computer
  • email address
  • bank account
  • bills
  • credit card or debit card
  • checking account

Step 1

The first step to decreasing paper waste with your bank is to sign up for online e-statements. This will allow your bank to send your monthly statements to you via email instead of paper statements. Think about all of the bills and paper you get in the mail. Using electronic statements will reduce a large amount of waste over a year's time frame. As a result you will be saving trees, reducing paper waste and helping the environment.

Step 2

Another way to reduce paper waste with your bank is to sign up for online billing. There are many companies that offer online billing or automatic debit payments from your bank account each month. For example, you can often save money with your car insurance if you sign up to have your payments automatically deducted each month from your bank account. This is also a great way to save money while helping the environment.

If one of your lenders or businesses does not offer online or automatic payments then you can try making payments over the phone. Some businesses are still behind in getting their online billing systems set up to take auto pay, but you can do it over the telephone. A tip is to call after hours to avoid hold time.

Step 3

Utilize direct deposit. Checking account direct deposit is offered through many work places and through Social Security. It is another great way to go green and stop paper waste. Although it's nice to see a big ole' check when you have it directly deposited into the bank it will almost always guarantee that your money is there when you need it plus you're less dependent your boss, bank hours, check cashing fees, and so on. Most jobs offer direct deposit including Social Security.

Step 4

Doing your banking online can help you go green to reduce paper waste in many ways. It saves you from driving your car which helps on emissions and saves money on gas, plus it saves your time. Green banking also saves money on postage, envelopes, paper, and can help you stay organized as you can organize your files online and also save copies and have back up data.

Some consumers have also made the choice to do their banking through their cells phones. Since the cell phone is now referred to as a smartphone and many are using them, the banks have followed. Many banks and credit unions are now offering mobile banking apps with some going as far as mobile checking deposits (Apple iPhone). If you decide to use the bank apps on your cell then use the same cautions as you do online.
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Tips & Warnings

Always take advantage of checking your annual credit report for accuracy.