Top 10 Tips for Stress Relief

Coping with Stress is easier than what you think; stress has its roots in our mind and this is exactly where it should be attacked. The first step to combat stress is to analyse its causes: what is affecting your life at the moment? Is it the separation of your partner or the death of a loved one? Are you having problems at work? Once you know exactly where the problem is you need to analyse if your actual situation really constitutes an issue that will affect your health in the long-term.

Small doses of stress is good for you, at the end of the day, stress is what makes up get out of bed and go to work, the problem is when we suffer of stress for long period of times; this is when we need to take actions to control it and learn how to manage it. Some people handle stress at work by going on holiday during the weekend; although this will help you to relief stress temporarily; it is not the final solution: once you are back in the office the problem will continue if not dealt with it properly.


How to Relieve Stress – Top 10 tips to Manage Stress

  1. You need to accept reality: We all have problems at work, with our family or partners. You should try to stress less for the everyday situations and accept your problems, in 90% of the cases there will be a solution.
  2. Take up Yoga to beat stress: Yoga is one of the best disciplines you can ever take to relief stress; the benefits of Yoga can be seen almost immediately as the cortisol level in your body decreases (hormone released in response to stress).
  3. Positive Thinking: Interpret the problem from a different perspective, e.g.: if you lose your job, do not even think: what will I do now?  Or I will not be able to pay the mortgage! See this as an opportunity to find a better job, one that you will enjoy and get paid more for what you do. At the end of the day more than half of the world population do not enjoy what we do at the moment, but are not brave enough to look for something better.
  4. Write a List: Every day before going to bed try to write a list of all the activities for the next day and then forget about it. Lack of sleep increases stress levels in our life.
  5. Live your life during the day but relax during the night: Before going to bed try to imagine you are in a calming and relaxing place; this will help you to have a good night sleep.
  6. Eat Porridge: One of the many benefits of porridge is that it has a calming effect on our nervous system. Porridge is the best breakfast you can have to live a long and healthy life.
  7. Accept that you cannot change the future: It is not in our hands to change the future; you do not know what will happen tomorrow. Life is what is happening at the moment and you are wasting it by worrying about what will happen tomorrow. It is always good to plan but accept that the result might not come as expected.
  8. Combine Yoga with any other form of exercise: Light to moderate exercise creates a feeling of well-being and happiness; thanks to the release of adrenaline and the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something good for yourself. Bikram Yoga or “The Hot Yoga” is an excellent alternative. Also, if you are member of a gym use the Steam Room, it has a relaxing effect.
  9. Be Yourself: Learn to love you just the way you are.
  10. Herbal Supplements for Stress: St. John’s wort is an uplifting herb; it is used to treat mild to moderate depression. Valerian is an herbal sedative that combats insomnia and anxiety. Other supplements that you can take: Gin Seng and Ashwagendha.