Coffee by itself is a rather low calorie drink, however most people load it up with cream and sugasr turning it into a nasty calorie packed nightmare for anybody who is watching their weight. Their are a few things you can do to maintain the great taste of your coffee while still keeping the calories down.

Use Low Fat Milk

Most all coffee shops offer a low fat milk alternative. If you absolutely must add some sort of white creamy liquid to your coffee, try adding milk. Once you get used to it, it is actually pretty good.

Use Splenda instead of Sugar

Sugar causes an insulin spike because it elevates your blood sugar. Insulin is a storage hormone which tells your body to store everything in your blood stream. You wan to reduce insulin spikes as much as you can if you want to stay slim and trim. Swap out your sugar for splenda, which has virtually no calories and no sugar.

Add Cinamon

Cinnamon is a great flavouring tool that actually goes really well with milk and splenda. I started adding it to my coffee a few months and that was when I realized there is a reason that the cinnamon shakers at Starbucks were almost always nearly empty.

Sugar Free Flavoring

There are different kinds of liquid flavorings offered by a lot of coffee shops. I know for a fact that Starbucks has sugar free hazlenut and sugar free vanilla flavorings. Ask your local coffee shop what flavors they have and try one of them out. A couple pumps will mildly change the flavor of your coffee and make it that much more enjoyable for your taste buds!

Rememer, coffee can be drank while dietting, provided you don't load it up with cream and sugar. Obviously, the ideal coffee would be black, but not everybody enjoys coffee in it's natural state. If you are unsure of which drinks are fattening, take a look at the 8 fattening drinks article.

Happy coffee drinking