Farming can be a very important skill to reduce the cost of training Herblore in RuneScape.

Growing your own herbs is one of the cheapest way of obtaining them, especially if the seeds were obtained from a monster drop or from pickpocketing Master Farmers. Herb patches are susceptible to disease, and can't be protected from it, so use Supercompost to lower the chance of disease and increase the number of herbs that can be harvested.

Herb patches are located south of Falador, in Catherby, north of East Ardougne and in Morytania near the Ectofuntus. After My Arm's Big Adventure is completed, you will get access to a herb patch on the top of the Troll Stronghold. Herbs grown here will never become diseased, so use it for more valuable seeds.

Equipping Magic secateurs - obtained during A Fairy Tale Part I - increases the yield by 10% when harvesting herbs.

Magic Secateurs

Magic SecateursCredit: JagexThe magic secateurs are obtained during A Fairy Tale Part I for fighting the Tanglefoot. They increase the yield of all herb, allotment and hops patches by 10% and can like normal secateurs be used on a diseased tree to cure it. They can be stored in the tool leprechaun like normal Secateurs.

Herb Patches

The quickest ways of reaching the five herb patches are:

My Arm Herb PatchCredit: JagexFor My Arm's patch on the top of the Troll Stronghold, the standard spell Trollheim Teleport, the Lunar Spell, Teleport to Trollheim, obtained from playing the Livid Farm activity, Fairy Ring AJR or Ring of slaying teleport to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, then walking - this requires Climbing boots.


South Falador Herb PatchCredit: JagexFor the south Falador patch, the standard spell Falador Teleport, the Lunar Spell South Falador Teleport, using the cabbage port on the Explorer's ring 3 or 4 or Amulet of glory to Draynor Village.


Morytania Herb PatchCredit: JagexFor the Morytania patch, using Fairy Ring ALQ to the Haunted Woods (be careful of aggressive Vampyres and Leeches), Ectophial to the Ectofuntus, Ring of slaying teleport to Morytania Slayer Tower or the Ancient Magicks spell Kharyrll Teleport to Canafis.

Catherby Herb PatchCredit: JagexFor the Catherby patch, the standard spell Camelot Teleport or the Lunar spell Catherby Teleport or, if the Catherby lodestone has been activated, Home Teleport to Catherby.



Ardougne Herb PatchCredit: JagexFor the North Ardougne patch, the Ardougne Farm teleport from the Ardougne Cloak 2 and above, the standard spell Ardougne Teleport, the Lunar Spell North Ardougne Teleport, the Fishing Guild Teleport from either a Skills necklace or Lunar Magicks, Fairy Ring BLR to the Legends' Guild, Combat bracelet to the Ranging Guild or, if the East Ardougne lodestone has been activated, Home Teleport to East Ardougne.


Fruit Trees

There are six fruit tree patches, one in the Gnome Stronghold, one in east Catherby, one west of the Tree Gnome Village maze, one north of Brimhaven, one in Lletya and one in the Herblore Habitat.

The quickest ways of reaching the patches are:

Gnome Stronghold Fruit TreeCredit: JagexFor the Gnome Stronghold, using the Spirit Tree teleports, using the Balloon Transport System or by Gnome Glider to the Grand Tree.



Catherby Fruit Tree PatchCredit: JagexFor the Catherby patch, by Gnome Glider to White Wolf Mountain, using Camelot Teleport, Catherby Teleport (a Lunar Spell) or, if the Catherby lodestone has been activated, Home Teleport to Catherby.



Tree Gnome Village Fruit TreeCredit: JagexFor the patch west of the Tree Gnome Village, Spirit Tree teleport to the Village, then have Elkoy guide you through the maze, by Gnome Glider to just outside the maze, using Fairy Ring CIQ to south of the maze or using the Ardougne Cloak teleport to the Kandarin Monastery and running west.

Brimhaven Fruit Tree PatchCredit: JagexFor the Brimhaven patch, if you have planted a Spirt Tree in Brimhaven, you can teleport to that, by Home Teleport if your house portal is in Brimhaven, by the Cart Ride from Shilo Village if you have Karamja Gloves 3 and teleport to Shilo. Fairy Ring BJR to the Fisher Realm will allow you to exit near Brimhaven. Charter ships from ports all across RuneScape can be used to get to Brimhaven, but this can be quite expensive.


Lletya Fruit Tree PatchCredit: JagexFor the Lletya patch, use an Elf teleport crystal, which can be obtained and charged after starting either The Prisoner of Glouphrie or Mourning's End Part I. Other methods of reaching Lletya are at best time consuming or at worst actively hazardous.


Herblore Habitat Fruit Tree PatchCredit: JagexFor the Herblore Habitat, either a Juju teleport spiritbag or a Witchdoctor Mask.






The fruit trees with a use in Herblore are papaya trees, which produce Papaya fruit, used in Recover specials, and palm trees, which produce Coconuts which, when broken open and used on an Empty vial, create Coconut milk, which replaces the Vial of water in some potions.


There are a number of bush patches, one in Rimmington near the house portal, one near the Champion's Guild, one outside the Monastery in Kandarin and one on Etceteria to the south-west of the castle.

The quickest ways to reach the patches are:

Rimmington Bush PatchCredit: JagexFor the Rimmington patch, Teleport to House for Rimmington if your house is there, or Falador Teleport, Amulet of Glory teleport to Draynor Village, Crafting necklace, Balloon Transport System to the Crafting Guild, Explorer's ring  Cabbage Patch teleport or, if the Port Sarim lodestone has been activated, Home Teleport to Port Sarim, if it isn't.


Kandarin Monastery Bush PatchCredit: JagexFor the Kandarin Monastery patch, Ardougne Cloak Monastery Teleport, Fairy Ring DJP to the Tower of Life, Ardougne Teleport or Spirit Tree to the Khazard Battlefield.


Champion's Guild Bush PatchCredit: JagexFor the Champion's Guild patch, Champion's Guild teleport on a Combat bracelet (needs Legend's Quest completing to recharge though), by canoe, Teleport to Varrock or, if the Varrock lodestone has been activated, Home Teleport to Varrock




Etceteria Bush PatchCredit: JagexFor the Etceteria patch, Fairy Ring CIP to Miscellania, Spirit Tree to Etceteria if you have grown one there, Ring of wealth teleport to the Miscellania Throne Room, or Enchanted lyre to Rellekka then by boat to Miscellania.


The bushes with a use in Herblore are Jangerberries, used to make Zamorak brews, White berries, used in Defence and Super defence potions and Poison ivy berries, used to make Super strong weapon poison.

Special Patches

There are several special patches that grow a limited number, usually one, of plants. These are the cactus patch, mushroom patch and belladonna patch.

Cactus PatchCredit: JagexThe cactus patch in Al Kharid will grow a cactus. Up to three Cactus spines at a time can be harvested, which are used as an ingredient in the Extra strong weapon poison at level 73 Herblore.

The quickest ways of getting to the patch are by Broomstick to the Sorceresses Garden, Amulet of glory to Al Kharid, Duel Arena teleport on the Ring of duelling, Gnome Glider to Al Kharid, Lumbridge Teleport, Lumbridge Home Teleport or, if the Al Kharid lodestone has been activated, Home Teleport to Al Kharid.



Mushroom PatchCredit: JagexThe mushroom patch in Canafis will grow either Bittercap mushrooms at level 53 Farming, which have an indirect use in that they are used as payment to a farmer to look after a whiteberry bush, or Morchella mushrooms at level 74 Farming, which are an ingredient in the level 94 Herblore potion, Prayer renewal.

Once the Medium Morytania tasks have been completed, giving Morytania legs 2, the patch will no longer become diseased. Once the Elite Morytania tasks have been completed, the amount of mushrooms harvested from the patch will be doubled.

The fastest ways to the patch are using Fairy Ring CKS, the Ancient Magicks spell Kharyll Teleport, or by Ectophial to the Ectofuntus and running west to Canafis.

Belladonna PatchCredit: JagexThe belladonna patch in Draynor Manor's garden will grow one Cave nightshade from a Belladonna seed at level 63 Farming. Cave nightshade is an ingredient used to make Super strong weapon poison at level 82 Herblore. Cave nightshade cannot be traded, and can only be obtained either by growing it, or by gathering it from the Skavid caves under the Ogre city of Gu'Tanoth south of Yanille.

The fastest ways to the patch are Amulet of glory teleport to Draynor Village, Explorer's ring cabbage patch teleport or, if the Draynor Village lodestone has been activated, Home Teleport to Draynor Village. There is a shortcut through the fence in the west of Draynor Manor near the patch.

A Note on Torstol

Torstol seeds are very expensive. In order to prevent them getting diseased, you are definitely recommended to grow them in My Arm's patch. Additionally, you need to harvest a much higher number of herbs from a seed to make the herbs harvested be worth more than the seed itself. As such, you should use Supercompost, equip Magic secateurs, and drink a Juju farming potion before starting harvesting in order to maximise the yield. The various Greenfingers auras also increase crop yield; 3% for Greenfingers, 5% for Greater Greenfingers and 7% for Master Greenfingers, although these increases may be too small to actually produce extra herbs. This still will not guarantee harvesting enough herbs though.

Having the Scroll of life Dungeoneering reward gives a chance you may get the seed back, vastly increasing profitability.

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