Training Herblore in RuneScape can be very expensive. The Herblore Habitat is an activity in the south east of Karamja that can help reduce the cost of training Herblore. The Juju farming potion is extremely useful for this, as it increases herb seed yield.

Herbore Habitat

The minimum levels required for participation are 54 Farming, 70 Hunter and 54 Herblore. To gain the maximum benefits, specifically the full Witchdoctor camouflage gear, you need 80 Farming, 81 Hunter, 75 Herblore and 55 Agility. Construction, whilst not required as by paying coins you can get what you need - although this isn't money saving and can prove very expensive - should therefore be at least level 56 and preferably level 80 to do everything. Boosts can be used.

Herblore HabitatCredit: JagexThe Habitat can be reached by walking east from Shilo Village (watch out for the Jungle Spiders and Jogres on the way if low level) , using the teleport ability of the Witchdoctor mask or by using a Juju teleport spirtbag. Spirtbags can be bought from Bettamax in Taverley or Papa Mambo in the Habitat, starting at 2,000. They are tradeable, and can also be bought on the Grand Exchange. Mutated Jadinkos in the Jadinko Lair may also drop them. The Gnome Glider Network will also take you to just north of the river to the north of the Habitat, and a Charter Ship can be hired to take you to the Shipyard to the north of the Glider. The Habitat can then be reached by walking south and crossing the river.

The fruit tree patch in the Habitat can be used to grow any fruit tree; however, only apple, banana and orange trees are actually used in the activity. All three seeds are low priced if bought on the Grand Exchange, or can be found in Birds' nests (found randomly when chopping down trees or ivy) or from trapping Jadinkos.

The cheapest place to bank initially is Shilo Village. Although you can teleport to other banks, you would then need to teleport or walk back. Once the Witchdoctor mask has been gained, this allows unlimited free teleports to the Habitat, making banking much faster. Used with the Ring of kinship from Daemonheim, you can quickly bank and return to the Herblore Habitat. Other banking teleports are nearer to banks, but the Ring of kinship is free and has unlimited charges.

The Habitat has a fruit tree patch, a vine blossom patch, a vine bush patch and two vine herb patches. The vine herb patch on the west side can be protected by the zombie farmer, but the one on the other side of the river that can be reached with level 55 Agility cannot be protected. Neither vine herb patch is used to attract Jadinkos.

Papa Mambo, located at the entrance to the Herblore Habitat, will give you a tutorial on the Habitat and explain about catching Jadinkos.

Juju Potions

There are a number of juju potions that can be made by doing the activity, and various herbs that can be harvested and cleaned. As all the ingredients need to be collected from either herbs grown in the Habitat, or collected from trapping Jadinkos, this is a fairly time consuming method of training Herblore if you are just trying to make potions. None of the ingredients can be bought, and the seeds to grow the herbs need to be collected from trapping Jadinkos, which also usually require various plants to be grown to attract them, or potions to be made, all of which also require the collection of ingredients and seeds from Jadinkos.

This activity can easily use up a lot of bank spaces with all the seeds and harvested items used.

Juju potions also require a Juju vial of water to be made, not the standard Vial of water. Juju vials of water can be bought from Papa Mambo, just inside the entrance of the Habitat, or purchased from another player.

The Tool Leprechaun in the Habitat, as well as storing the normal farming tools and supplies, will also store some of the ingredients used in making potions, namely, up to thirty of each of the following vines - Corrupt vine, Marble vine, Shadow vine, Saradomin vine, Zamorak vine and Guthix vine -  and up to thirty each of the following juju potions: Juju hunter, Juju farming, Scentless, Saradomin's blessing, Guthix's gift and Zamorak's favour. The leprechaun will only store three dose potions though. None of these items can be stored in or retrieved from any other leprechauns.

Juju Farming Potion

Juju Farming PotionCredit: JagexThe Juju farming potion requires level 64 Herblore, a Marble vine (obtained from Igneous Jadenkos) and a Clean ugune, a herb specific to the Habitat, mixed in a Juju vial of water.

Once drunk, each dose of the potion gives a 33% chance that every time a herb is harvested from a patch, you will receive two herbs not one. This should provide an overall increase in crop yield of 33%. Although you do not earn experience from the extra herb, this does increase the profitability of each seed. Drink the potion before harvesting all your herb patches. Ensure you have a quick means of getting to each patch.

If this is the only potion you are looking to make, you need an orange tree planted in the fruit tree patch, a blue vine blossom in the vine blossom patch, and a lergberry bush in the vine bush patch. Orange tree seeds can be obtained cheaply from the Grand Exchange, from Birds' nests, or from trapping some Jadenkos. Build a thermal vent in the construction spot.

Plant the orange tree. You can pay the farmer three baskets of Strawberries to look after it. This is a matter of choice, as Orange tree seeds costs less than the items needed to watch it.

If you don't have a lergberry bush, first buy three Red blossom seeds from Papa Mambo, then harvest them each time they are grown. Meanwhile, also buy some Marasamaw plant traps to catch Common Jadenkos for the seeds they drop.

Once you have all three Red blossoms harvested, buy Blue blossom seeds, and plant them. Everytime they flower, harvest and plant another, as three of these can be used to pay a farmer to look after a Ugune seed. Once you have a Lergberry seed, plant it, and pay the farmer to look after it. Once you have an Ugune seed, plant it and pay the farmer to watch it. You can continue catching Common Jadenkos to get more seeds, or switch to Igneous.

Igneous Jadenkos need to be caught for the second ingredient needed, the Marble vine. These spawn in the southern area, and can also be caught with Marasamaw plant traps. They do not drop vine herb seeds, though, so if you want more, switch back to Common Jadenkos.

The compelete requirements to make a Juju farming potion are level 64 Herblore, level 74 Hunter, level 61 Farming and level 59 Construction.

Guthix's gift

Guthix's gift requires level 75 Herblore, a Guthix vine (obtained from Guthix Jadinkos) and a Clean samaden, also unique to the Habitat, mixed in a Juju vial of water.

Once drunk, each dose of the potion gives a 10% boost for all experience made brewing juju potions for five minutes.

Guthix Jadinkos are one of the God Jadinkos, so the requirements for catching them alter every week.

The definite requirements for making a Guthix's gift are 75 Herblore, 80 Farming and 81 Hunter. Construction may be needed, with a minimum of level 56 and a maximum of level 80, unless you want to pay Papa Mambo to build the habitats for you, which can be expensive.

To get the maximum benefit from each dose of the potion, ensure you have all the required ingredients ready beforehand. The juju potions can be mixed at a bank.

Witchdoctor Camouflage Gear

There are three items to this set; Witchdoctor robes, Witchdoctor legs and Witchdoctor mask. The robes and legs can be gained by catching all ten normal Jadinkos within the same week. The mask is gained by catching all three God Jadinkos in the same week. You will need to speak to Papa Mambo to get them after catching the required Jadinkos.

If you catch all three God Jadinkos within the same week, Papa Mambo will give you a thirty minute boost to all Farming, Herblore and Hunting experience gained with the Habitat. The bonus is 2% for the robes, 2% for the mask and 1% for the legs, giving a total xp boost of 5%.

The Witchdoctor mask also allows unlimited teleports to the Herblore Habitat.

Should you decide to train Herblore by making juju potions, it is advised to ensure you have all the ingredients you need before activating the bonus.

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