Training Herblore in RuneScape can be very expensive. Here are some ways of obtaining specific secondary ingredients, to help reduce the cost of training Herblore, primarily for herbs obtained from the Managing Miscellania activity.


Super energy potion (Level 52 Herblore)

Super EnergyCredit: JagexThis is probably the best potion to make with Avantoe. The other potions are untradeable, not as popular to sell, or, in the case of the Fishing potion, waste Snape grass which is more valuable in Prayer potions.

The secondary ingredient in a Super energy potion is Mort Myre fungi. The only way of obtaining Mort Myre fungi without purchasing it from another player is in the Mort Myre Swamp.

You need to have completed Nature Spirit in order to be able to make a Blessed silver sickle (an Ivandis Flail works also).

Creating Morty Myre FungiCredit: JagexGo into Mort Myre and use the Bloom option of either the sickle or flail on nearby dead logs which may produce the fungi. Bloom uses up Prayer points. If low level, be careful that the nearby Ghasts don't kill you. Using a Druid pouch may be required.

The higher your level of Prayer, the more fungi you are likely to collect. Once you start regularly filling your inventory, and having Prayer points left, consider using a Beast of Burden familiar to increase the amount of you can collect in one trip. Morytania legs 1, the reward from the Morytania Easy Tasks, doubles the amount of fungi produced. Each fungus picked from a rotten log will produce two fungi instead of one, greatly increasing the rate of production.

The nearest bank is in Canifis, and the nearest altar to recharge your Prayer is the Paterdomus temple. If you have an Ardougne Cloak and access to the Fairy Ring network, it may well be faster to teleport to the Kandarin Monastery, recharge your prayer there, bank in Ardougne's east bank, then run to the Fairy Ring at the Tower of Life and teleport to Canifis, code CKS.

Mort MyreCredit: JagexClose to the entrance of Mort Myre is a location where there are three logs that can have bloom used on at the same time when standing in the correct place, increasing your chance of producing fungi.




Super Defence (Level 66 Herblore)

Super DefenceCredit: JagexWhiteberry BushCredit: JagexThe only potion that can be made with Cadantine, this potion is nearly worthless. The secondary ingredient is White berries. Given the cost of the White berries in comparison to the value of the potion, you are advised to grow your own at one or more of the various bush patches.

White berries are also dropped by some monsters.

Dwarf Weed

Ranging Potion (Level 72 Herblore)

Ranging PotionCredit: JagexThe secondary ingredient in a ranging potion is Wine of Zamorak. There are only two ways to collect this; either purchasing it from other players, such as through the Grand Exchange, or collecting it yourself.

Chaos TempleCredit: JagexWine of Zamorak is available at only one location, the Zamorak temple south west of the Goblin Village, where it is on a table. If you pick it up, you will take damage and suffer a reduction in combat related stats, and the nearby Monks of Zamorak will also attack you. This method is not advised.

The alternative is to use Telekinetic Grab, which requires level 33 Magic,  five Air runes and one Law rune. Equip an air rune supplying staff for the air runes. The wine will respawn after being taken.

Collecting Wine of Zamorak is time consuming, but buying it is expensive. Ranging potions, assuming you didn't buy the Dwarf weed, will usually make a profit even if the wine is bought.


Potions that use Harralander as a base are very unprofitable to make. They are all worth only a fraction of the cost of the ingredients used, so it may be better to just sell the Harralander or the ingredients than make the potions.

Restore Potion (Level 22 Herblore)

Restore PotionCredit: JagexRequires Red spiders' eggs. The best way of getting these is with a Spirit Spider Summoning familiar. They can be collected for free, but most Red spiders' egg spawns are some distance from a bank.

Energy Potion (Level 26 Herblore)

Energy PotionCredit: JagexRequires Chocolate dust, which is obtained from grinding Chocolate bars. There is a Chocolate bar spawn inside the Cooks' Guild outside Varrock, which requires a Cooking level of 32 and a Chef's hat to enter (the hat isn't needed if the Varrock hard tasks have been completed, which also allows use of the Guild bank), in a house in Draynor Village, or in Zanaris (requires Lost City).

Combat Potion (Level 36 Herblore)

Combat PotionCredit: JagexDesert GoatsCredit: JagexRequires Goat horn dust, which is obtained by grinding Desert goat horns. These are dropped by Goats and Billy Goats in the Kharidian Deset. The desert requires some protection from dehydration, such as a Waterskin and a Knife for refilling the skin from cacti, or the Enchanted water tiara which requires Dealing with Scabaras to make. Some goats are on the coast just to the west of Fairy Ring BIQ, the one near the Kalphite Hive.


Super Antipoison (Level 48 Herblore)

Super AntipoisonCredit: JagexUnicorns in EdgevilleCredit: JagexRequires a Ground unicorn horn. Unicorn horns are obtained from killing either Unicorns, or Unicows in the Creature Creation activity. Creature Creation is the quickest way of obtaining horns, but you can also kill the two Unicorns in Edgeville not far south of the bank. They respawn fairly slowly though.


Super Strength (Level 55 Herblore)

Super StrengthCredit: JagexRequires a Limpwurt root. Limpwurt can be grown by planting a Limpwurt seed in a flower patch, which if the plant survives will give three roots on harvesting. This is not a particularly effective method.

The fastest method is collecting Limpwurt roots from the level 20 resource dungeon in the Edgeville Dungeon where four spawn. Be careful of the level 28 Hill Giants if you are low level. With a Brass key (obtained from the dungeon in the room with the Zombies) you can enter the dungeon through the house near Gunnarsgrun. Banking can be done at the Grand Exchange, or, if you have completed the Varrock hard tasks, the bank in the Cooks' Guild.

If you want to obtain Limpwurt roots from killing monsters, Hobgoblins drop them very frequently.

The best places to kill Hobgoblins are as follows:

Edgeville DungeonCredit: JagexEdgeville Dungeon - There are level 28 and level 42 Hobgoblins just north of the entrance ladder from the house mentioned previously. For banking, use the same method as mentioned above.




Crafting Guild HobgoblinsCredit: JagexCrafting Guild Peninsula - There are many level 28 Hobgoblins on the peninsula near the Crafting Guild. Although not near to a bank, the bush patch in Rimmington and its' leprechaun are close, so when your inventory is full, you can run there and have the Limpwurt roots noted by using them on the leprechaun. Alternatively, you can run a bit further to the Rimmington Customs Office, if the Rocking Out quest has been completed. The locker there functions as a bank deposit box, allowing you to empty your inventory.




Witchaven DungeonCredit: JagexWitchaven Dungeon - There are four level 28 Hobgoblins just inside the entrance to the dungeon. The entrance itself is not far from the East Ardougne east bank. Interestingly, these Hobgoblins seem to drop valuable herb seeds more commonly than those in other locations.


Antifire (Level 69 Herblore)

AntifireCredit: JagexThis requires Dragon scale dust as a secondary ingredient. Dragon scale dust is obtained by grinding Blue dragon scales, which spawn in the Taverley Dungeon in the room with the Blue Dragons, and in the resource dungeon accessible from there, which also contains Blue Dragons.

Magic Potion (Level 76 Herblore)

Magic PotionCredit: JagexKalphite HiveCredit: JagexRequires a Potato cactus and is made at level 76 Herblore. The Potato cactus spawns in a total of 14 places in the Kalphite Hive in the Kharidian Desert. The desert itself is dangerous, and the best access is through the Fairy Ring network using code BIQ.

Potato Cactus LocationCredit: JagexKalphites are dangerous and, in the cases of the Soldiers and Guardians, poisonous. Antipoison potions, the Dungeoneering reward Anti-poison totem or the Members Loyalty Programme Poison purge auras are recommended to prevent death from poisoning.

Potato cactus can also be obtained as a drop from some monsters, in noted form from the Infested Axe and Fungal Mage in the Polypore Dungeon, or from the level 77 Slayer monster, Desert Strykewyrm. The Strykewyrm can only be attacked when on a Slayer task.


Prayer Potion (Level 38 Herblore)

Prayer PotionCredit: JagexSnape Grass on the Crafting PeninsulaCredit: JagexThis is one of the most popular potions around, and is usually in demand. The secondary ingredient is Snape grass, which is dropped by some monsters, but also spawns in a number of places, such as the Crafting Guild peninsula. The ones here can be banked in the Rimmington Customs Offices locker.

If you are on Lunar Magicks, the fastest way of collecting this is by using the Lunar spell, Waterbirth Teleport, requiring level 72 Magic, collecting the Snape grass, then using the Lunar Home Teleport spell to return to Lunar Isle and bank.

Waterbirth IslandCredit: JagexYou can also, after getting the Fremennik sea boots 3, change the Enchanted lyre teleport to Waterbirth Island.

It is possible to sail from Relleka to Waterbirth Island, which requires 1,000 coins if you haven't completed The Fremennik Isles.

Banking can be done in Jatizso or Neitiznot after completing The Fremennik Isles, but Peer the Seer in Relleka market will bank items after completing the Fremennik Province easy tasks, which is much faster.


Strength Potion (Level 12 Herblore)

Strength(91506)Credit: JagexRequires a Limpwurt root, see Super strength under Kwuarm.

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