Prayer can be a very expensive skill to train in RuneScape. This articles explores how the skills of Construction, Crafting and Dungeoneering can be used to reduce the cost of training Prayer.


Once a player reaches, or boosts to, level 45 Construction, they can start building altars in the Chapel (if they have one) of their Player Owned House. At least level 50 Construction is needed to start getting a Prayer experience benefit.

Although the bonus for even a Gilded Altar is less than that given by the Ectofuntus, altars are usually much faster to use and certainly less time consuming, as even ashes require Buckets of slime collecting, and bones of all types require grinding as well.Gilded AltarCredit: Jagex
Probably the best house portal to use if training Prayer in the Chapel is the Yanille Portal. This is a short run from the Yanille bank, which means that inventory space isn't used up with a means to teleport back to the house.

Even if the Construction level required to build a Gilded Altar is lacked, it is possible to use another players' altar to train.

Incense Burners

The first Incense burners can be built at level 61 Construction. All three types of Incense burner give the same experience boost; 50% increase for one lit burner and 100% for both. Each burner needs a Clean marrentil and a Tinderbox (either in inventory or on the Tool belt) in order to be lit. The burners will stay lit for 2 minutes and ten seconds, or until a player leaves their house, whichever occurs soonest.

Player Owned House (POH) Altar

Oak Altar (Level 45)

Gives no bonus without Incense burners. This altar is unlikely to be used for Prayer training, because if you can build Incense burners, starting with Oak incense burners at level 61 Construction, you can build a Mahogany altar.

Teak Altar (Level 50)

Gives 110% bonus without Incense burners, 160% with one lit and 210% with two lit.

Cloth Altar (Level 56)

Gives 125% bonus without Incense burners, 175% with one lit and 225% with two lit.

Mahogany Altar (Level 60)

Gives 150% bonus without Incense burners, 200% with one lit and 250% with two lit.

Limestone Altar (Level 64)

Gives 175% bonus without Incense burners, 225% with one lit and 275% with two lit.

Marble Altar (Level 70)

Gives 200% bonus without Incense burners, 250% with one lit and 300% with two lit.

Gilded Altar (Level 75)

Gives 250% bonus without Incense burners, 300% with one lit and 350% with two lit.


The way in which Crafting can be used to reduce the cost of Prayer training is through the use of Prayer urns.

Prayer Urns

Infernal UrnCredit: JagexPrayer urns can be made with the Crafting skill. Clay is made into Soft clay by using the Clay on a water source, or the Lunar spell Humidify is cast on it, or it can be mined from a Clay Rock as Soft clay if a Bracelet of clay is worn. The Soft clay is then used on a Potter's Wheel, with two pieces of Soft clay being used to make an urn (unf). The urn is then fired in a Pottery Oven to create an urn (nr). An Air rune then needs adding to create an urn (r).

Draynor VillageCredit: JagexThe best place to make urns if you have either Clay (cheaper to buy than Soft clay) or Soft clay is Draynor Village. There is a Potters in Draynor north of the bank with a water source in between the two. If using Clay, go from the bank to the water source, make Soft clay, then go to the potters to make the urns, then return to the bank. If using Soft clay, skip the water source. Once you have finished makings urns, attach the runes.

All Prayer urns collect ashes as the creature dies, in a similar way to which Bonecrusher buries bones. If you are willing to take the time to bank them and use either on a POH Altar or the Ectofuntus, Infernal ashes will generate almost as much experience as Dragon bones.

If killing any monster that drops these ashes, and you don't want to take the time to bank them or scatter them, have some urns in your inventory so that you can earn Prayer experience in a passive way. All the steps required for making urns can be assisted if needed if you lack the level to make them. You could buy urns (nr) from the Grand Exchange, then have a player assist you with attaching the runes.

Once the ashes have been collected by a Prayer urn, they cannot be removed or used on a POH Altar or the Ectofontus.

Impious Urn (Level 2)

Impious urns collect Impious ashes, up to a total of 25. When teleported away, the player will earn 100 Prayer xp.

Accursed Urn (Level 26)

Accursed urns collect Impious ashes and Accursed ashes, up to a maximum of 312.5 xp worth of ashes, or 25 Accursed ashes. Both Impious and Accursed ashes will be collected by the urn. When teleported away, the player will earn 375 Prayer xp, which is a 20% experience bonus over the value of the ashes in the urn.

Infernal Urn (Level 62)

Infernal urns collect Impious, Accursed and Infernal ashes, up to a maximum of 1,562.5 Prayer experience or 25 Infernal ashes. As with the Accursed urn, this will also collect all types of ashes. Once teleported away, the player will receive 1,875 Prayer experience, again a 20% bonus over the normal experience value of the ashes in the urn.


There are a number of ways in which Dungeoneering can help reduce the cost of training Prayer.

Dungeoneering Rewards

Dungeoneering tokens can be exchanged for various rewards, Of these, Bonecrusher has a use in reducing the cost of training Prayer.


BonecrusherCredit: JagexBonecrusher costs 34,000 reward tokens to buy, and requires level 21 Prayer and level 21 Dungeoneering to use, although you can't earn enough tokens to buy the reward at level 21. Assuming all Dungeoneering experience is earned in Daemonheim, this will require at least level 62 Dungeoneering to obtain. When Bonecrusher is in your inventory, Bones of all types that are dropped when a monster dies, or dropping during Hunting, such as pit trapping or falconry, will be "crushed" and you will gain the Prayer experience with no effort. The Bones will not appear on the ground, nor will any burying animation be displayed.

Bonecrusher does not work on Bones that are not a 100% drop; for example, Bloodveld and Jogres sometimes drop additional Bones and Big bones. These will not br crushed, nor will Long bones or Curved bones, both of which can be exchanged for Construction experience and coins.

Bonecrusher is a good way of passively earning Prayer experience doing something you would do anyway. If used when fighting monsters that can be killed in one blow that drop bones, it is possible to earn several thousand Prayer experience per hour, as well as normal combat experience. It will also work on Bones dropped by monsters killed with a Dwarven multicannon.

Bonecrusher can also be used with the Twisted bird necklace, Split dragontooth necklace and Demon horn necklace Dungeoneering rewards to regain Prayer points.


DaemonheimCredit: JagexThere are some ways in which Dungeoneering in Daemonheim itself can help reduce the cost of Prayer training, although these methods are not guaranteed to be present in every dungeon.


Any type of Bones used on an altar in Daemonheim itself will earn bonus experience, each bone earning four times what it would when buried normally. Frost dragon bones used on an altar in Daemonheim, for example, will earn 720 Prayer experience.

Altars are not found in every dungeon, but at level 75 Construction, a player can convert the Group Gatestone Portal in the starting room into an altar.

Dark Spirits

Some doors in Daemonheim may be blocked by Dark Spirits. These are exorcised using the Prayer skill, with a level in that skill required to do the exorcism. The higher the level of Prayer required to exorcise the spirit, the more Prayer experience can be earned.

Resource Dungeons

Advancement in Dungeoneering unlocks various Resource dungeons. One of these in particular has a major use in Prayer training.

Asgarnian Ice Dungeon (Level 85)

Asgarnian Ice Dungeon LocationCredit: JagexAsgarnian Resource DungeonCredit: JagexCurrently the highest level Resource Dungeon, this is located in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon on Mudskipper Point. The quickest way of getting to Mudskipper Point is Fairy Ring AIQ; alternatively, running south from the cabbage patch, using the cabbage patch teleport of the Explorer's ring 3 and 4, the Home Teleport to Port Sarim, if the lodestone is activated, or the Rimmington House Portal if your house is in Rimmington.

The Asgarnian Ice Dungeon is the only place where Frost Dragons (level 166) can be found outside Daemonheim. Frost Dragons drop Frost dragon bones, which currently give the highest experience rewards for any regularly obtainable bones. There are twelve in the dungeon.

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