Prayer can be one of the most expensive skills to train in RuneScape. There are a number of minigames that can be played that can, either directly or indirectly, give a reward which can train and reduce the cost of Prayer. The most beneficial are Conquest, Pest Control, Shades of Mort'ton and Soul Wars.

Void Knight Outpost

Void Knight SquireCredit: JagexVoid Knight Squire(99800)Credit: JagexBoth Conquest and Pest Control can be played at the Void Knight Outpost.


Conquest is a turn based strategy board game that can be played at the Void Knight Outpost. The Outpost can be reached by boat by talking to the Void Knight Squire in Part Sarim. The game has some similarities to chess. Two players are required to play the game, which involves moving pieces on a board in order to defeat the other player. Each piece has different strengths and weaknesses, and there are also different Commands available, which can be used to help your units or hinder the other players'.

ConquestCredit: JagexPlayers choose their units and Commands before starting the game, spending a fixed amount of points to create their side. Once the setup is created, that setup remains for every game until it is changed.

Both players will receive a reward of Void Knight Commendation Points for playing, with the winner sometimes getting more, although if the game is ended too early, neither player will gain any points. Players cannot have more than 500 points at any time.

Commendation Points can be spent on a number of things, including Void Knight Equipment and experience in combat skills excluding Summoning. The amount of experience earned is dependent on the level of the skill being trained.

The official worlds for Conquest are 53, 69 and 115.

Pest Control

Pest Control(99713)Credit: JagexPortal(99802)Credit: JagexPest Control is a combat minigame, where players have to protect a Void Knight from various attacking monsters, whilst at the same time closing four portals through which the monsters are invading. Once all four portals are closed, the game is won. Should the Void Knight die, the game will be lost.

Void Knight LanderCredit: JagexThis minigame is also accessed from the Void Knight Outpost. There are three landers at the south of the Outpost island, a Novice boat, and Intermediate boat and a Veteran boat. Novice requires a minimum combat level of 40, Intermediate 70 and Veteran 100. Harder boats mean harder games. Because a Novice game can be completed pretty quickly with a strong team, it may be faster to earn points using the Novice lander rather than a more difficult one.

The minigame is safe; when a player dies they respawn on the lander that ferried them to the island, with full health and all their items.

As with Conquest, Void Knight Commendation Points can be earned from playing Pest Control, which can be spent the same way. 2 points are earned for winning a game on the Novice boat, 3 for Intermediate and 4 for the Expert one.

The official worlds for Pest Control are the same as those for Conquest, 53, 69 and 115.

Shades of Mort'ton

In order to play this minigame, players must have completed the Shades of Mort'ton quest. The minigame is played to make Sacred oil.

Mort'ton TempleCredit: JagexSacred oil is used to make different types of Pyre logs, which are used to burn Shade remains and Vyre corpses. Sacred oil is made by using Olive oil on the lit fire altar in the centre of the temple. To bless the Olive oil, the temple needs to have been rebuilt, and the player must have Sanctity of 10 or more. Blessing oil decreases Sanctity, which also decreases over time. To increase Sanctity, either the attacking Loar Shades must be killed, or, for a faster method, the temple must be rebuilt. The materials required to rebuild the temple are available from Rezmire's Builders Store in Mort'ton, and Olive oil is available from Rezmire's General Store.

Building the TempleCredit: JagexOlive oil can also be purchased from the Grand Exchange or other players, from the wandering merchant Rasolo, or as a possible reward for using Serum 207 or Serum 208 an Afflicted in Mort'ton. The Olive oil can be decanted into 4 doses, in order to maximise the use of inventory space.

Once the Sacred oil has been made, it can then be used on the relevant logs to convert them into Pyre logs.

It is possible to buy Sacred oil, Pyre logs and Shade remains from the Grand Exchange and, should they be available to buy and the rewards be of enough value, it may still be cost effective and profitable if some or all of the required items are purchased.

Both the Shades of Mort'ton minigame and the Shade burning are much easier if the bank in Burgh de Rott, fixed in the quest In Aid of the Myreque, is available.

The official world for the minigame is World 88. The minigame is impossible to successfully play without other players.


Mort'ton PyreCredit: JagexThere are five different types of Shade remains that can be burnt; Loar, Phrin, Riyl, Asyn and Fiyr. Each gives different amounts of Prayer, and Firemaking, experience, and requires a different minimum of Pyre log and Firemaking in order to burn them.

Once Shade remains and suitable Pyre logs have been obtained, the remains can then be be burnt on a funeral pyre, of which there are many around Mort'ton. First the Pyre logs are placed on the Pyre, then the Shade remains and finally the pyre is lit. The player will then receive Prayer and Firemaking experience, and a reward of either coins or a Shade key.

Loar remains when burnt give 33 Prayer experience, and need to be burned on on Pyre logs or better, which are made with 2 doses of Sacred oil and Logs, and require level 5 Firemaking.

Phrin remains when burnt give 46.5 Prayer experience, and need to be burned on on Pyre logs or better, which are made with 2 doses of Sacred oil and Logs, and require level 5 Firemaking.

Riyl remains when burnt give 59.5 Prayer experience, and need to be burned on Willow pyre logs or better, which are made with 3 doses of Sacred oil and Willow logs and require level 35 Firemaking.

Asyn remains when burnt give 82.5 Prayer experience, and need to be burned on Eucalyptus pyre logs or better, which are made with 4 doses of Sacred oil and Eucalyptus logs and level 63 Firemaking.

Fiyr remains when burnt give 100 Prayer experience, and need to be burned on Magic pyre logs, which are made with 4 doses of Sacred oil and Magic logs and level 80 Firemaking.

Shade CatacombsCredit: JagexIf the remains are not bought from other players, Loar can be found in Mort'ton, Riyl, Asyn, Fiyr and Phrin shades can be found in the Shade Catacombs and Riyl, Asyn and Fiyr can be encountered on the Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott Ramble minigames.

To get to the higher level Shades in the Shade Catacombs requires a suitable colour Shade key, which can only be obtained by burning Shade remains. To save time, it can be advisable to buy several Shade remains of the highest level that can be burned to get a Shade key to gain access to the same area of the Catacombs.


Vyrewatch, and Vyrelords and Vyreladies, which can be encountered east of Burgh de Rott after the quest Legacy of Seergaze, in Meiyerditch, in Darkmeyer and on the Temple Trekking and Burg de Rott Ramble activities, also after Legacy of Seergaze, can only be slain with an Ivandis flail or Blisterwood weapons, so they require at least the Legacy of Seergaze quest to be completed in order to kill them. Once killed, they always drop Vyre corpses.

Entrance to the Paterdomus DungeonCredit: JagexColumbarium PyreCredit: JagexVyre corpses can also be burnt in a similar method to Shade remains, although they can only be burnt in the Columbarium below the Paterdomus temple. Vyre corpses require Teak pyre logs or better which are made using Teak logs and 3 doses of Sacred oil. The Pyre logs are added to the Columbarium pyre, then the Vyre corpse, and finally the pyre is lit, giveing 79 Prayer and Firemaking experience dependent on the Pyre logs used. The reward is a Columbarium key which can be used to open alcoves containing treasure in the Columbarium.

Unlike Shade remains, Vyre corpses are not tradeable, so Vyrewatch, Vyrelords and Vyreladies will need to be killed by the player to get the corpses.

Soul Wars

Soul Wars PortalCredit: JagexSoul Wars ObeliskCredit: JagexSoul Wars is a safe combat minigame that can be reached by a portal in Edgeville, featuring two teams of players. If the player dies, they will respawn at one of several places on the map with their full inventory, excluding any Soul fragments or Bones they may have collected in game.

Two teams of players fight to control the Soul Obelisk in the centre of the map, in order to use Soul fragments on it to decrease the opposing team's Avatar's Slayer level. The object is to kill the opposing Avatar; the Avatar can only be attacked by someone with a Slayer level higher than the Avatar's Slayer level.

Avatar of CreationCredit: JagexSoul WarsCredit: JagexIf a team wins a game of Soul Wars, by having more Avatar kills than the opposing team, each player on the winning team will receive 3 Zeal. If the Avatar kills are equal, each member of each team will receive 2 Zeal. If a game is lost, each member of a losing team will only get 1 Zeal. Players need to remain active enough in game, or they will be kicked from the game and gain no Zeal.

Zeal can be exchanged for experience in a number of skills, including Prayer. The amount of experience gained is dependant on the level of the skill being trained.

The official worlds for Soul Wars are 44, 79 and 97.

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