Summoning is one of the most expensive and time consuming skills to train in RuneScape. Here are some ways of reducing the cost of training Summoning by using Distractions & Diversions.


Active ObeliskCredit: JagexFamiliarisation is a Summoning specific Distraction & Diversion that may be done once per week. One small Summoning obelisk may be active, and this will be both sparkling and have the NPC Pikkenmix next to it. For a clue to which obelisk is currently active, speak to Pikkupstix in Taverley (or alternatively he can be contacted using the Lunar Spell NPC Contact), who will give a clue to which obelisk, if any, is the active one. Obelisks remain active for about twenty minutes, and a new one activates roughly every three hours. Given how infrequently obelisks are active in any given world, it's suggested to hop worlds until a world with an active obelisk is found. When Pikkupstix is asked where Pikkenmix is, he will either give a clue to the location or, if there is no active obelisk, say "I expect off somewhere relaxing. He's been quite busy lately."

Spirit PlaneCredit: JagexOnce the obelisk is entered, the player will be transferred to the Spirit Plane as a familiar. Whilst there, they can collect raw shards, whilst avoiding hostile familiars. Passing too close to a hostile familiar will drain your mental focus. The more time spent on the plane, the more types of familiars become hostile. To help keep your run energy up (which will decrease rapidly) using the Salt-water Spring in Oo'glog will help, usable after completing As A First Resort...

The player will leave the plane when 60 raw shards are collected, if their mental focus reaches zero, or twenty minutes have passed.

There are two possible rewards for participating in this D&D - a Box of summoning ingredients, or an increased charm drop rate. For the increased charms, every charm dropped by a monster will be tripled. The effect will last for 40 seconds for every shard collected. The tripled charms includes Obsidian and Abyssal charms, but not Talon beast charms or charms received from killing Bork or Ork Legions.

Box of Summoning IngredientsCredit: JagexThe Box of summoning ingredients contains, as the name suggests, various Summoning tertiary ingredients. There are two different ingredients in the box, both noted, and the items in the box vary by both the number of shards collected, and the Summoning level of the player.

Penguin Hide & Seek

Chuck and Larry(101353)Credit: JagexThis Distraction & Diversion can also be done once per week. By going to East Ardougne zoo and talking to Larry outside the penguin cage, or, after Hunt for Red Raktuber, Chuck the polar bear in his cage, you can start the D&D.

The D&D requries the player to spot penguin spies and, after Hunt for Red Raktuber, the polar bear agent. There are ten penguins and one polar bear. Each will give one Penguin Point when found or, for five of the penguins, two points after the completion of the quest Cold War.

The penguins come in a variety of disguises, determined by where they initially spawn, such as mushrooms, crates, barrels, rocks, bushes and cacti, except in the Halloween holiday event, when they are disguised as pumpkins and the Christmas holiday event, when they are all disguised as snowmen. Penguin locations reset once per week, between midnight and 1:00 AM GMT, and penguins may spawn in places that need the completion of quests to complete, or in the Wilderness.

Toadstool Penguin(101354)Credit: JagexAfter Cold War, up to sixteen Penguin Points can be earned per week, but Chuck and Larry will only keep track of up to 50. After this point, and further points earned will be lost.

The points earned for spotting penguin spies, and the polar bear agent, may be exchanged for experience or money. Experience is the recommended reward, and the amount earned depends on the level of the skill being trained.

No official penguin hunting worlds exist, but world 60 is an unofficial one with three friend charts to help find penguin locations, W60pengs, W60pengu and World60pengs.

Tears of Guthix

Tears of Guthix Location(101361)Credit: JagexTTears of Guthix(101363)Credit: Jagexears of Guthix may be played once per week after the completion of the quest also called Tears of Guthix.

To play this, blue tears need to be collected from the cavern walls. Green tears must be avoided, as they decrease the number of Tears collected. The amount of time that can be spent in the cave depends on how many quest points the player has, and the  location of the Tears on the wall randomly changes.

Tears may be collected once per week, and the week starts from the last time the Tears were collected, but to be eligible to collect the Tears the player must have either earned 100,000 experience or one quest point. If the player hasn't met these goals, it can easily take longer than a week before they are allowed to collect the Tears.

The experience earned by collecting the Tears is assigned to the players' lowest levelled skill, so will only help in Summoning training if Summoning is the lowest skill. The amount of experience earned depends on the number of Tears collected, and the level of the skill that the Tears are assigned to.

Troll Invasion

Troll Invasion LocationCredit: JagexThis D&D is located in Burthorpe, to the west of the Burthorpe Home Teleport location, at the gatehouse and wall. Speak to Captain Jute to start.

There are two ways of playing the Distraction & Diversion. The player may choose to repair the gatehouse, and victory here is if they stop the invading Trolls for ten minutes, or 1,500 Trolls are killed, or they can alternatively choose to fight the Trolls themselves. Fighting the Trolls can be done at two difficulties, normal or "hard." The Trolls come in twenty waves of increasing difficulty or, once the twenty wave invasion is played once, a "hard" version with 7 waves can be played. To win, all the waves must be defeated.

A reward book may be earned the first time Troll Invasion is played every month, which gives experience to a selected skill. The amount of experience depends on the level of the skill being trained, and either the wave reached (if fighting the Trolls) or the number of Trolls killed (if repairing the gatehouse).

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