Training Summoning in RuneScape is very expensive. Here are a number of ways in which the cost of training Summoning can be reduced, using minigames as well as various other methods.


There are a number of minigames that have the potential to help reduce the cost of Summoning training.

Impetuous Impulses

Crop Circle(101255)Credit: JagexAs well as catching Spirit Implings with Hunter, they can also be caught in Puro-Puro. Catching them in Puro-Puro, unlike catching them in Gielnor, requires a Butterfly net (or Magic butterfly net, available from Elnock Inquisitor in exchange for various Impling jars) and Impling jars.

Puro-Puro can be got to through either the stable crop circle in Zanaris, which requires the quest Lost City to visit, or through the randomly moving crop circles that appear in wheat fields across RuneScape's surface. Should Puro-Puro be accessed through one of the random portals, there will be a 30 minute bonus which will allow the wheat walls in Puro-Puro faster.

There are two random portals at any one time, and, if the Wandering Impling in Zanaris near the portal is consulted (right click on the Impling and click "Check-Gates") these locations will be shown, although being able to recognise the locations shown will be required.

Once through the portal to Puro-Puro, Elnock Inquisitor will explain how to play the game, and will also sell and store various items, such as a Butterfly net, Magic butterfly net, empty Impling jars and Imp repellent.

Spirit Implings are moderately common in Puro-Puro, compared to Gielnor, but the acquisition of potential Summoning supplies should be considered to be more of a side effect of training Hunter, rather than an end in itself, especially considering that many of the supplies gained neither stack nor are noted, and the most common, Pouches, are not worth much.

Soul Wars

Soul Wars Portal(101332)Credit: JagexSoul ObeliskCredit: JagexThis is a safe combat minigame accessible through a portal in Edgeville. Dying in game will not result in the loss of any items, or a gravestone, and the player will respawn in one of several possible places.

Two teams participate and the aim of the game is to kill the opposing teams Avatar more times than their own Avatar. The Avatar can only be attacked by players with a Slayer level equal to or higher than the Avatar's Slayer level. The opposing Avatar's Slayer level can be reduced by using Soul fragments on the Soul Obelisk in the centre of the map, should it be controlled by the player's team.

Avatar of Creation(101334)Credit: JagexSoul Wars(101335)Credit: JagexWinning a game of Soul Wars, by having more Avatar kills than the opposing team, results in 3 Zeal Points. A draw, where each team has the same number of kills (or both have no kills) gives each player on each team 2 points. Losing a game results in only 1 Zeal.

Zeal can be exchanged for experience in a number of skills, although Summoning isn't one of them, for certain Summoning pets, for charms or, using the Gamble option which costs 2 Zeal, a random item or coin reward in a random quantity, many of which can be used as a tertiary component in making Summoning pouches. It may be preferable to use the Zeal on training Prayer, though, which is time consuming and expensive. Gambling is, as it says, a gamble.

There are a number of official worlds for Soul Wars, which are 44, 79 and 97.

Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble

Burgh de Rott RambleCredit: JagexTemple TrekkingCredit: JagexTemple Trekking can be done after the quest In Aid of The Myreque has been completed, and Burgh de Rott Ramble after the completion of Darkness of Hallowvale. Both involve the player escorting an NPC safely from either the Temple of Paterdomus to Burgh de Rott or vice versa, through various encounters, including combat events.

Occasionally, Nail Beasts may be encountered, although this is by no means guaranteed. Nail Beasts drop the untradeable Talon beast charm, which can be used to make Talon beast pouches, currently the highest experience pouch.


Bogrog LocationCredit: JagexBogrogCredit: JagexBogrog is an Ogre found in the Ogre city of Gu'Tanoth, to the south of Yanille. He is situated near a Summoning Obelisk, and also sells Summoning supplies. He can be reached without completing the Watchtower quest.

Bogrog will also swap completed pouches for Spirit shards, at the rate of 70% of the total shards used to make the pouch. As with many pouches, the biggest cost is that of the shards, doing this can be a more profitable method of disposing of some pouches than selling them on the Grand Exchange or to other players.

The player will need to be of a higher level than the level required to make the pouch; the amount higher depends on the pouch level. Initially, for pouches made at levels 1-10, a Summoning level of 21, effectively 11 levels higher than the highest levelled pouch, is needed in order to swap the pouches. This difference decreases as level increases; each group of 10 levels requires a level difference that decreases by 1, so that level 11-20 pouches need the pouch level plus 10, level 21-30 need the pouch level plus 9, and so on.

Random Events

Random Event(101336)Credit: JagexRandom Events are, of course, completely random as to when they happen. They have potential experience giving rewards, such as an Experience lamp or Book of knowledge. The experience gained from these can be used as a small free training boost if spent on Summoning, although Random Events cannot be relied upon as a training method, due to their randomness.


Bonus XP Weekends

These have been held twice a year recently. A Weekends typically lasts from Friday noon to Monday noon, London time, and during this time most experience earned is increased by a multiplier.

Over the Weekend, there is a gradually decreasing experience multiplier, that starts at 2.7 and decreases to 1.1 after 10 hours. Summoning, however, for the past few Bonus XP Weekends, has only had a multiplier of 1.1 for the entire Weekend, regardless of the actual bonus at the time.

Given this, it is only worth training Summoning after the multiplier drops to 1.1 anyway. Although this isn't a huge bonus, it does provide a slight boost to experience earned.

Should training Summoning be planned, before the Weekend starts it is recommended to stock up on all materials required; Pouches, Spirit shards, charms and tertiary ingredients. Tertiary ingredients usually start rising in price in the run up to a Weekend, so they should be bought early or acquired personally. Preference should be given to those pouches that earn the most experience.

Teleports, to minimise the amount of time lost travelling between the Summoning Obelisk and a bank are recommended also. The Spirit Kyatt provides quick and unlimited teleports to the Piscatoris obelisk, and this should be combined with a bank teleport, whether unlimited, as provided by the Ring of kinship to Daemonheim, or one with charges, such as the Ring of duelling to the Castle Wars bank.


One way of reducing the cost of making Summoning pouches is by collected tertiary ingredients rather than buying them. Many of these are dropped by monsters, so monster killing is a good way of acquiring them. Additionally, many monsters will also drop the charms needed to make pouches.

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