Training Summoning in RuneScape is often very expensive. Creating pouches is the main, and often most expensive, way of training, with the biggest cost being that of the Spirit shards used.

As well as the forager pouches, there are some other pouches that can be useful to help reduce the cost of training Summoning. Some of these can sell for more than they cost to make, especially if the tertiary ingredients are acquired rather than bought. Others make training quicker, or more productive in xp terms, or can be used to create a valuable product.

Other Pouches

There are some others that can be made at or near a profit, especially if the tertiary ingredients are gathered by the player, but as the price of pouches is subject to constant fluctuation, it is recommended on checking first to see what the profit or loss on any pouch will be.

Spirit Mosquito (Level 17 Summoning)

Spirit MosquitoCredit: JagexThe Spirit mosquito pouch requires 1 Spirit shard, a Proboscis and a Gold charm. These are only cost effective to make if the Proboscis was dropped by a monster, and not bought, otherwise they make a huge loss. As it is, they usually make a slight profit, but given the usual value of the Proboscis on the Grand Exchange, it may well be more cost effective to sell them and buy other tertiary components to make higher level pouches.

Proboscises are dropped always by Mosquito Swarms, found occasionally during the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup activity, rarely by Giant Mosquitos, are sometimes obtained from looting Spirit Implings, and by using the Gamble option for Soul Wars.

Spirit Cobra (Level 63 Summoning)

Spirit CobraCredit: JagexA Spirit cobra pouch requires 116 Spirit shards, Snake hide and a Crimson charmSnake hide can be obtained from Poisonous Snakes on Mos Le'Harmless and Bush Snakes during the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup activity.

Vulture LocationCredit: JagexThe Ophidian incubation scroll allows the use of the Spirit Cobra's Ophidian Incubation ability. This allows the conversion of normal eggs of different types into the various 'trice eggs. The 'trice eggs are often much more valuable than the original egg, so creating them can be very profitable, especially Vulatrice eggs, formed from the untradeable Vulture's egg, dropped by the level 31 Vultures, which are found in the Kharidian Desert. Vultures can usually be killed quickly, but they are in the desert, so some protection from dying from thirst is needed.

Other eggs used are Chicken eggs, easily obtained near chickens or available from the Lumbridge food chest shop in the basement of Lumbridge Castle, which requires Recipe for Disaster; Blue, Red and Green bird's eggs, and Raven eggs, all got from Bird's nests obtained using Woodcutting and Penguin eggs, which can be obtained from the Penguin Keeper in Ardougne Zoo. Only the Chicken eggs are tradeable.

The 'trice eggs obtained from using the Ophidian Incubation ability can be sold to other players as mentioned above or, alternatively, used to make the various Spirit Cockatrice, Saratrice, Guthatrice, Zamatrice, Pengatrice, Coraxatrice and Vulatrice. Given that all the 'trices forage the eggs used to create their pouches, it can be even more profitable to do this as the 'trice egg yield is much greater, although it is vastly more time consuming. A blend of selling eggs and making pouches from 'trice eggs, using the summoned 'trices to get more eggs is recommended.

Spirit Graahk (Level 57 Summoning)

Spirit GraahkCredit: JagexSpirit graahk pouches are made from 154 Spirit shards, Graahk fur (not Tatty graahk fur) and a Blue charm. Graahk fur is obtained from pit trapping Horned Graahks, and is the most expensive component. If the Graahk fur is obtained by the player, these pouches are fairly profitable, as they are in demand for players Runecrafting Nature runes, as they provide unlimited free teleports to Karamja close to the altar.

Spirit Kyatt (Level 57 Summoning)

Spirit KyattCredit: JagexA Spirit kyatt pouch requires 153 Spirit shards, Kyatt fur (not Tatty kyatt fur) and a Blue charm. Kyatt fur can be obtained by pit trapping Sabre-Toothed Kyatt and, as with the Spirit graahk pouch, the Kyatt fur is the most expensive component. By pit trapping Sabre-Toothed Kyatts to obtain the fur, these pouches can be profitable to make. Spirit Kyatts aren't quite as popular as Spirit Graahks, but the unlimited teleport option to near the Piscatoris Summoning obelisk makes them popular with players training Summoning there.

Talon Beast (Level 77 Summoning)

Talon BeastCredit: JagexTalon beast pouches require 174 Spirit shards, a Talon beast charm and a Crimson charm.

Although these are usually not profitable to make, due to the Spirit shard cost, the tertiary ingredient of these, Talon beast charms, can only be got from fighting Nail Beasts in the Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble minigame, and are therefore free. Talon beast pouches also currently give the highest experience for any pouch made, at 1,015.2.

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