Summoning is one of the most expensive, and certainly one of the most time consuming, skills to train in RuneScape, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Many pouches sell for less than the cost of the materials required to make them - sometimes considerably less.

Using other skills and activities there are ways of reducing the cost of training, and, in some cases, training using other methods. In many cases, training using these methods will save money, although they may take longer. Additionally, other skills can also benefit.

This article looks at how Quests and the skills Dungeoneering and Hunter can be used to reduce the cost of training.

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There are a number of quests that give a reward of Summoning experience that can be used to help reduce the cost of training, although Summoning has one of the lowest total rewards for quest experience of any skill. The quests with the highest experience rewards are also some of the most dangerous.

The quests and their experience rewards are listed below.

Wolf Whistle 276
Fairy Tale III - Battle at Orks Rift 1,000
Spirit of Summer 1,000
Summer's End 1,500
The Curse of Arrav 4,000
A Void Dance 8,000
Salt in the Wound 12,500
A Clockwork Syringe 15,000
The Void Stares Back 20,000

After an update on January 31st 2012, doing Wolf Whistle is no longer required to start training Summoning.

As well as those quests that directly give Summoning experience, there are also a number of quests that give experience, through unbankable experience lamps, books and other items that can be assigned to a choice of skills, and usually cannot be stored in the bank, with Summoning being one of the allowed choices. Summoning is one of the best skills to train with these rewards, due to the expense and time required to train it.

Swept Away - 10 Bowls of goulash, each of which gives an experience reward equal to the current skill level multiplied by 10.

Darkness of Hallowvale - A Tome of experience that will give 3 lots of 2,000 experience in the skill chosen. The skill must be over level 30, and the experience does not all have to be used on the same skill.

Legacy of Seergaze - A Tome of xp 2nd ed, which will give three lots of 2,500 experience in any skill over level 35. Again, the experience does not all have to be used on the same skill.

Troll Stronghold - This quest gives two Mysterious lamps, which will give 10,000 experience each in any skill over level 30.

The Temple at Sennisten - This gives an Experience lamp that grants 23,000 experience in any skill over level 50.

The Void Stares Back - Two Books of equilibrium, each of which will grant 50,000 experience in any combat skill, excluding Constitution but including Summoning, over level 75.

Branches of Darkmeyer - A Tome of xp 3rd ed, which gives three lots of 50,000 experience in any skill that is over level 60, although once again the experience does not need to all be assigned to the same skill.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat - The reward is 3 Experience lamps, each of which will give 80,000 experience in the chosen skill, if it is of at least level 72.


The way in which Dungeoneering can be used to help reduce the cost of training is through adventuring in Daemonheim itself.


ADaemonheim(101317)Credit: Jagexny Summoning pouches made in Daemonheim itself naturally do not cost anything to make. Many of these pouches give more experience when made, sometimes much more, than normal pouches that can be made outside Daemonheim at the same level.

There is no guarantee that any charms that a player has a sufficient Summoning level to use will be found in any dungeon, or any charms at all, or that the tertiary ingredients required to make the best pouch will be either found or the player will have enough money to buy but, unless rushing dungeons, it can certainly be worth making any and all pouches that can be made. It is possible for several hundred to several thousand experience points of pouches to be made in a dungeon with no cost.


There are a few ways in which the Hunter skill can be used to reduce training cost, such as by trapping animals which drop expensive tertiary components.

Horned Graahk (Level 41)

Horned Graahk LocationCredit: JagexHorned GraahkCredit: JagexHorned Graahk can be hunted at level 41. They are caught by constructing pit traps, the provoking the Graahk with a Teasing stick. They are found on Karamja, to the west of Fairy Ring CKR.

Horned Graahk, when caught, yield Bones and either Graahk fur or Tatty graahk fur, with the tatty fur being more common. Graahk fur is valuable, and is a tertiary component in the popular Spirit graahk pouch, as well as being used in Hunter clothing.

When hunting Horned Graahks for Graahk fur, drop the tatty fur and keep trapping them until a full inventory of Graahk fur has been achieved. Having the Dungeoneering reward  Bonecrusher will automatically crush the Bones from trapping the Horned Graahk, removing the need to drop or bury them.

Spirit Implings (Level 54)

Spirit ImplingCredit: JagexSpirit Implings can be caught across RuneScape, and in Puro-Puro in Impetuous Impulses. Catching them will often give charms, as well as various tertiary Summoning ingredients. Pouches, the least valuable Summoning item, are the most common item to be looted from Spirit Implings, with 25 being looted at a time, but many other tertiary ingredients can also be gained, some of them quite valuable.

Spirit Implings are fairly rare, and catching them is more of an incidental way of reducing the cost of training Summoning.

Sabre-Toothed Kyatt (Level 55)

Sabre-Toothed Kyatt LocationCredit: JagexSabre-Toothed KyattCredit: JagexSabre-Toothed Kyatt can be hunted at level 55. They are caught by contstructing pit traps, then using a Teasing stick (one of which can be placed on the Toolbelt) to provoke them. They are found in the Trollweiss Hunter area. The quickest way to reach this is using Fairy Ring DKS.

When caught, Sabre-Toothed Kyatt yield Bones (unless you have the Dungeoneering reward, Bonecrusher, which automatically buries them) and either Kyatt fur or Tatty kyatt fur. Tatty kyatt fur is much more common, and not worth very much, but Kyatt fur can be used, as well as for making Hunter gear, to create Spirit kyatt pouches.

When hunting them for Summoning, it can be a good idea to drop all the Tatty kyatt fur and keep hunting until you have a full inventory of Kyatt fur.

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